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Reporting Sexual Violence

All forms of sexual harassment, including sexual violence, should be reported, no matter the severity. Eastern’s primary concern is safety; therefore individuals should not be deterred from reporting even if the use of alcohol or other drugs was involved. Eastern encourages victims of sexual violence to talk to someone about what happened so they can receive support and so the college can respond appropriately.

Reporting to the Police

In the event of a sexual assault, the victim is encouraged to report the crime to Campus Police, if the crime occurred on campus, or to the appropriate authority if the crime occurred off campus. Victims should take care to preserve evidence of a sexual assault, which is of paramount importance in offering proof of the crime. For example, victims should not bathe or wash their clothing. The victim of a sexual assault also should seek medical attention. To aid in their investigation and to gather information necessary to apprehend the assailant, Campus Police will interview the victim.

EOSC has trained police officers who are ready to assist victims of sexual assault and sexual battery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Victims of Sexual Assault or Sexual Battery may call the EOSC Campus Police at 918-448-2365 to report the crime. Officers will then take an initial report, secure any evidence, begin an investigation, and contact Campus officials.

Prosecution of the assailant is a matter for the victim to consider apart from reporting the crime. The information will be treated with the confidentiality afforded any victim of crime. Students also may report the crime to staff within the residence halls, the Student Life Director, or to other EOSC staff who shall inform the Campus Police and Student Affairs. Student Services staff can assist victims with filing criminal charges.

Please know that the information reported can be helpful in supporting other reports and preventing further incidents.

Confidential Reporting

An online student complaint form is also available. Please note confidential reporting limits the college’s ability to respond to incidents.