Online Students

How Online Learning Works

Eastern is continually increasing the number of online courses for students who aren’t able to attend classes on campus, commit to a full-time course schedule or need a better way to balance family, work and school. Below is additional information to provide a better understanding of what to expect in an online learning environment.

Clearing Up Misconceptions

Many students approach online courses with the mistaken belief that online classes are easier than traditional, face-to-face classes. This is simply not true. Online courses meet the same academic standards and rigor of traditional courses. While the information delivery and learning environment may be different, traditional and online courses will have the same level of quality and subject material for assignments, required reading, activities, exams, etc.

What to Expect

As an online student, you will use Blackboard to communicate with your instructor, access your syllabus and assignments, participate in discussions with your classmates and upload completed work. The courses are developed by faculty and instructional designers who understand the specific needs and goals of students in an online environment.

With no set class time, the flexibility of online learning enables you to study at times that are convenient to you. However, all of your course assignments, exams and other activities must be completed by their respective due dates. Exams may be taken through Blackboard or at an Eastern-approved testing proctoring location. Your instructor will provide details in the course syllabus.

Am I Ready for Online Courses?

There are many practical reasons for the convenience of online courses, particularly for working professionals, adult learners and those outside Eastern’s geographic area. However, success in an online course requires a lot of self-discipline. Since you’re not going to class and receiving constant reminders from an instructor, it’s up to you to remember to complete readings, submit assignments and meet deadlines.

You will also need easy access to a computer and the Internet. If you don’t have these at home, you may reconsider choosing an online course as it is difficult to rely on a college computer lab, library or family/friend to complete your necessary coursework in a timely manner.

Want to learn more? Explore our Strategies for Success in Online Learning or contact our Admissions Counseling staff to learn if online learning is right for you.

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