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Forage-Based Meat Goat Buck Test

Eastern Oklahoma State College, in partnership with Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, is home to the Oklahoma Forage-Basked Meat Goat Buck Test. Goat producers seeing ways to better manage their operations in ever more challenging production conditions can enroll their genetics in the popular test.


To identify individual bucks as well as their sires and dams that carry genetics expressing economically important traits in commercial meat goat production. Additionally, this test will allow breeders to compare genetics within their herd to make better management decisions as to herd lines that will produce profitable progeny for future herds. This test will also provide valuable information for all goat producers and the public.


The 12th annual Oklahoma Forage-Based Meat Goat Buck Test is scheduled for June 15 to September 18, 2018. Important dates for the test include:

Weaning Deadline: May 15, 2018

Nominations Open: May 1 to June 1, 2018

Check-In: June 15, 2018 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Warm-Up: June 15 through June 28, 2018

Test Period: June 29 to September 18, 2018

Field Day and Awards: September 21, 2018

Test Results

    Additional Information

    Entry Requirements, Test Protocol, Results and Educational Information (pdf)

    Staff and Contact Information

    Technical Advisory Committee
    Test Advisor - Barry Whitworth, DVM, OCES Area Food/Animal Quality and Health Specialist
    Test Nutritionist - Brian Freking, OCES Southeast District Livestock Specialist

    Test Staff
    Test Veterinarian - Dr. Dustin Hulsey, 918.471.8767
    Test Extension Educator - Tony Johnson, 918.465.3349