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Eosc-Net Tech Support - PC Maintenance

Update your Operating System

Update your operating system!  By installing all critical, recommended, and driver updates your PC will run faster, be more   secure and less susceptable to viruses.  This is probably the single most important action you can take to ensure the stability of your PC.
  Follow this Link:   http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com


Update your virus definition files. 
  Run Norton, click on Live Update.


Check your local hard drive for errors by running Scandisk.  Many file system problems are solved by simply running this program on a weekly basis.     

Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Scandisk

Disk Defrag

Defrag your local hard drive.  The Disk Defragmenter utility rearranges the data on your disk so that each file is stored in contiguous blocks, rather than being scattered across different areas of the disk.  The defragmentation of stored data helps to speed disk performance.
  98 - Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Defragmenter
XP - My Computer, right click on Drive C, Click on Properties, Click the Tools Tab, Click on Defrag Now

System Shut Down

Shut Down your PC properly (whenever possible).  Most hard drive errors occur when PC's are not shut down properly or the electricity goes out and the system crashes.
Start, Shut Down, Shut Down

Free Space Requirements

Be aware of the the free space on your local hard drive (usually drive C: )  Windows likes plenty of free space for building temporary files etc., 15 percent freespace is usually about right.   
Start, Programs, Windows Explorer, Right click on (C:), left click on Properties, click on the Gereral tab.  The free space on your drive is displayed.

Screen Savers

Screen Savers good or bad? Somtimes that really "neat-o" screen saver causes your PC to lock up, what do you expect for free!  If this happens to you,  change to another screen saver or set it to None. (my personal favorite).
Right click on an empty portion of your desktop, left click on Properties, Click on the Screen Saver tab.