Red Oak GEAR UP students tour Northeastern State University


WILBURTON, OK (Oct. 22, 2015) - Red Oak sophomore and junior GEAR UP students recently toured Northeastern State University in Tahlequah. NSU tour guide Heather Wallace began the tour at the Center for Admissions and Student Enrollment Center. The students were led past the Center for Performing Arts building as the guide discussed the variety of events that take place in the building. She took the students into Seminary Hall, the oldest building on campus that houses offices and Liberal Arts classes. Seminary Hall is also the location of the Writing Lab which is free for Northeastern students. The students saw the college President’s home and the Science building, which is the newest building on campus. The guide discussed the various student events held at the President’s home.

GEAR UP students stopped by a statue of Sequoyah in the Centennial Plaza. The guide explained who he was and his importance to the Cherokee nation. The students were led past the John Vaughn Library, and the guide explained what is located on each floor. She stressed the importance of student use of the library. The group was directed past the Student Financial Services building which was the original bath house on campus for the female students. The guide discussed the various classes that are located in the Fine Arts Annex as she led the group to the University Center.

The University Center contains various restaurants, offices, a temporary fitness center, and the Riverhawk Shoppe Bookstore. The guide explained the roles of the various offices. The offices include: student activities, student government, orientation and leadership, Greek life, community engagement, the copy zone, and the mail zone.

The students were led through the Second Century Square, an amphitheater for outdoor events. The guide took the students into Leoser Center, the University housing unit. Students toured a dormitory room as well as the common areas in the building. The guide explained the various classes located in the Business and Technology Building as she directed the students back to the University Center as the tour ended.

“College tours are an important part of Eastern’s GEAR UP program,” said GEAR UP Education Coordinator Melissa Juarez. “They give the students a first-hand look at life on a college campus.”

The field trip was sponsored by Eastern Oklahoma State College GEAR UP. Participating schools take two field trips each academic year—one to tour a college or university and one that is cultural or educational in nature.

Front Row: Shay Stacey, Shaylee Noah, Darcie McCullar, Allie Yandell, and Karsyn Brigance. Middle Row: Aaron Ayliffe, Brynnan Crose, William Edington, Jacy Muncy, Dalton Hardaway, Gabrielle Marmon, Mollie McGee, and Kaeli Hays. Back Row: Bradon Potter, Anthony Loyd, Jarin James, Brendan Patten, Grayson Nix, Jace Blaylock, Brett Deatherage, Dakota Whitacre, Shelby McDaris, and Faith Jones

Jarin James, Mollie McGee, Faith Jones, and Jacy Muncy browse through the bookstore, the Riverhawk Shoppe.

Jarin James, Anthony Loyd, Brendan Patten, Shay Stacey, Jacy Muncy, and Kaeli Hays listen intently as the tour guide explains the various student functions that are held at the University President’s home.

Tour guide, Heather Wallace, explains the history of Sequoyah and his importance to the Cherokee Nation to Jace Blaylock, Brett Deatherage, Dalton Hardaway, Grayson Nix, Jacy Muncy, Karsyn Brigance and Kaeli Hays.

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