Poteau GEAR UP students tour Tulsa Community College—Southeast Campus


WILBURTON, OK (Oct. 17, 2018) – One hundred and twelve Poteau GEAR UP students recently traveled to Tulsa to tour the Southeast campus of Tulsa Community College (TCC). Students were greeted by Admissions Counselor William Baldwin and Student Recruiter Lucia McFarland. Studnets were led through Building 8 that houses programs for science, mathematics, health sciences, and biotechnology. Students walked through the Nursing Department where they saw a real-life set up of hospital beds and medical instruments, complete with robotic mannequins. The mannequins can perform the same body functions of a real human so that nursing students have the most lifelike setting in which to learn and practice.

Students then entered Building 6, also known as the PACE Building, which stands for Performing Arts Center for Education. The auditorium can seat up to 1,500 people. Students looked behind the scenes where props for performances are carried on and off the set and into the storage room. Student Recruiter McFarland explained that students can still be involved in the arts at TCC even if they don’t plan to study the performing arts in depth. When exiting the building, students saw display cases with handmade costumes from past performances.

Next, students toured Building 9, the Student Union where the Student Life offices, the campus store, food court, and fitness center are located. While TCC doesn’t have any official sports teams, student can sign up for intramural sports. The fitness center has a rock wall and track overlooking two basketball courts as well as smaller rooms for fitness classes.

In the campus store, students can provide their class schedules and a worker will find their books for the semester. Students can also purchase almost any school supplies they need.

TCC students can obtain discounted tickets for local attractions at the Student Life offices.

“Campus tours are a great way for Poteau students to get to know different college options they have here in our own state,” said GEAR UP Education Coordinator Leslie Hemphill. “TCC offers over 100 majors for students to choose from to help them reach their academic goals."

“I really liked the fitness center because I am an athlete,” said Poteau 8th grader Jayden Wooten. “It was very nice.”

“I enjoyed getting to see the stage and tour behind it in the arts building,” said Poteau student Autumn Riggs.

The field trip was sponsored by Eastern Oklahoma State College GEAR UP. Participating schools take two field trips each academic year—one to tour a college or university and one that is cultural/educational in nature. In 2017, Eastern recently received a $17 million federal GEAR UP grant and will serve over 3,000 students in 39 area schools for seven years.

Poteau 8th grade students recently toured Tulsa Community College—Southeast Campus. Pictured are (front row, left to right) Bonnie Ellis, Misty Eslick, Serenity McKee, Hailey Burgess, Sadie Perkin, Kennedy Cox, Jezebel Gabriel, Trinity Baker, (row 2) Evelyn England, Jacie Perry, Raelynn Mithlo, MeKailan James, Alexia Fitzpatrick, Akira Bethel, Kymber Hinson, Taylor Ford, Damaris Martinez,Allison Mattox, and Tommie Attee. (Back row) Kyla Phillips, Sisnie Brookfield, Emma Leeper, Lana McBride, Jacy Johnson, Breezie Kneisley, Meagan Tamplin, Terrah Ogelsby, Selena Giron, Alexa Mabala, Christabelle Maynard, Gracie Benson, Mackenzie Lingenfelter, Chyanne Brickell, Hannah Hicks, Jessica Phillips, Kayla Cardoza, Breanna Foster, Aerial Armstrong, Jaiden Davies, Juliet Clarke, and Maci Pitchford.

Poteau GEAR UP 8th grade students tour Tulsa Communty College—Southeast Campus. Pictured are: (front row) Rio Torres (row 2, left to right) Mia True, Aleena Tippit, Lilly Tramel, Kayleana Shelley, (row 3) Karoline Thornburg, Melanie Solito,Erika Weaver, Carleigh Underwood-Parham, Mikala Seachord, Skyler Watkins, Allison Reed, Elizabeth Reed, Aaron Smith, (row 4) Reagan Rodriguez, Paige Rice, Madison Womack, Payton Stover, Hunter Springwater, Hailey Treat, David Stoughton, Autumn Riggs, Levi Willhite, Matthew Sanders, Eric Tucker, Jace Stacy, Cage Wilson, (back row) Myles Womack, Blake Spearman, Jayden Wooten, Nicholas Vaughn, and Stihl Snyder.

Checking out the Mulan Display case are Gracie Benson, Evelyn England, and Kyla Phillips.

Learning about Student Life services are Poteau students Cage Wilson, Levi Willhite, Stihl Snyder, Myles Womack, and Jace Stacy.

Poteau GEAR UP students recently toured TCC—Southeast Campus. Pictured are (front row, left to right) James Atkinson, Riley Lane, Kevin Gavina, Sergio Camacho, Dustin Anderson, Nikolas Potter, Florentino Ramirez, Jose Nava, (row 2) Salvador Reyes, Eunchelle Neal, Charles Holly, Tobias Acree, Logan Edwards, Benjamin Campbell, Wyatt Holt, Jacob Kardokus, Trevor Montez, Marlin Martinez, Haskell Green, (row 3) Breckin Castillo, Jim Brennan, Bradley Buchanan, Nathan Burgess, Willard Figari,Bobby Bowman, Christian Owens, Logan Gray, Champ Downs, Cody McCoy, Javier Ocampo, (back row) Mason DeGiusti, Kaddon Goforth, Wesley Garrett, Andrew Riley, Will Restine, Jase Mankin, Jaxon Akins, Kody Coyle, and Gary Bruce.

Poteau GEAR UP students Mikala Seachord, Allison Reed, and Skyler Watkins learn about the different degree plans available at TCC.

Checking out the fitness center at TCC are Poteau students Kymber Hinson, Kennedy Cox, and MeKailan James.

Exploring the nursing center are Poteau 8th grade students Javier Ocampo, Andrew Riley, and Christian Owens.

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