OETA shows prescreening of Oklahoma City Bombing documentary at McAlester campus


Very Reverend George Back, Former Dean, St. Paul's Cathedral, Jaclyn Cosgrove, Reporter, The Oklahoman, Paige Dillard, Producer, The Oklahoman, Mickie Smith, Producer & Production Manager, OETA
WILBURTON (April 21, 2015) – Members from the Oklahoma Educational Television Association (OETA) and The Oklahoman visited Eastern Oklahoma State College’s McAlester campus to show a prescreening of their new documentary “Resilience.”

“Resilience” is a documentary about the Oklahoma City Bombing tragedy that occurred on April 19, 1995. For the 20th anniversary of the event, OETA produced the documentary to showcase the strength of Oklahoma and how it remembers those that were lost in the catastrophe.

Members of OETA and the Oklahoman at the event included Jaclyn Cosgrove, a reporter from The Oklahoman, Paige Dillard, an Oklahoman producer and Mickie Smith, the production manager from OETA. The moderator was Dick Pryor, the managing editor of OETA.

In addition to the OETA team that attended, Very Reverend George Back, the former Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral, was also in attendance. He was one of the witnesses of the event that was interviewed for the documentary.

Around 30 locals attended the prescreening, some of them being first responders and firefighters that assisted those in need during the aftermath of the bombing. Following the prescreening, the audience was invited to stay for a question and answer session. Many thanked the OETA team for creating the documentary.

For more information on “Resilience,” visit oeta.tv/resilience.

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