McAlester GEAR UP juniors visit the University of Tulsa and Tulsa Community College


WILBURTON, OK (May 5, 2017) – Thirty McAlester GEAR UP students recently toured two colleges in Tulsa. Students began the morning by participating in a guided tour at the University of Tulsa (TU). Two student ambassadors Crosby Garrison and Allyson Rowe led the MHS juniors through the beautiful campus. MHS students saw numerous buildings and learned about various programs on campus.

The tour began at the Pat Case Dining Center at Fisher Hall where they learned about campus dining options and the meal plans available. The cafeteria area set up is flexible for the different student demographics. There are multiple options as well as to-go meals for students on the run. Fisher Hall houses a dormitory for mainly freshmen and sophomores in a community setting. Students then walked across Dietler Commons and made their way to the Fulton and Susie Collins Fitness Center where they learned TU students have free access to the facilities including workout equipment, a basketball gym, and walking track.

Next stop on the tour was the McFarlin Library which holds numerous books and periodicals. The library is open 24/7, giving students access to study areas and computer labs with printing. Recently TU made additions and the architects built down, creating floors of access under the original library. They call these new floors “The Stacks” which adds a unique factor to the campus.

MHS students saw the newest building on campus, Holmes Student Center, where they sat in a college classroom and saw the offices such as Career Services, the Office of the Dean of Students and Student Affairs. On the opposite side of this building is Hardesty Hall, the brand new, modern dorm where 300 students are housed.

After the tour, students were led to the Collins Hall/Shaw Alumni Center where Admissions Counselor Hannah Smith provided an overview about the history of campus and specific programs like the Honors College and undergraduate research opportunities. They also learned about the cost of TU and ways to make it more affordable like waiving the application fee of $50 if students apply before October 15 for the following fall semester. To gain the full college experience, the McAlester students ate on campus in Allen Chapman Student Union where they had nine restaurant options and dined with current TU students.

After lunch the group made its way across the city to tour Tulsa Community College (TCC). Students were led through TCC’s Southeast campus by Admissions Counselor Kelsey Pitts and College Recruiter Rachael Archivehill. This is a large campus offering numerous services and programs for students. The tour started in Building 2 which is a “one-stop shop” for student services like Financial Aid, Enrollment, Campus Police, Academic Advisement, Wellness Services and Career Services.

Next, students made their way to Building 8 which houses the Arts programs such as music and theatre. There were classrooms as well as private playing rooms for students with musical instruments and a recording studio. They were also able to see the workshop where theatre props are assembled and stored.

As they worked their way to the next building, they learned about the math & science programs such as BioTech, Chemistry, Nursing 1 and Biology. The nursing facilities also can be used as an emergency facility in case of a city-wide disaster. The building also houses the Honors Program which offers a tuition waiver to students accepted into the program.

Next students toured Building 9 where they got to see the Fitness Facility which offers free gym memberships to TCC students. The Fitness Facility houses exercise equipment, a basketball court, rock climbing wall, walking track and numerous fitness classes. Next to the Fit Center is the Student Life office where students have access to discounted tickets to events such as concerts, plays and movies showing in the Tulsa area. The last stop on the tour was the Library and Writing Lab where TCC students can get free assistance with academics and writing.

“It was great for students to see two, vastly different schools on this trip. I think they were surprised at the resources available once you enroll in a college program. Exposing students to the different schools and different programs will hopefully help them find the college match that is best for them,” said GEAR UP Education Coordinator Rachael Ranallo.

The field trip was sponsored by Eastern Oklahoma State College GEAR UP. Participating schools take two field trips each academic year—one to tour a college or university and one that is cultural/educational in nature.

MHS juniors Bailey Fry, Manning White, Nate Alexander, Sarah Harrison, Raelyn Wisely, Taryn Good, Makayla Hurley and TU Student Ambassador Allyson Rowe walk across Delaware Ave.

TU Student Ambassador Crosby Garrison shows everyone the Fulton & Susie Collins Fitness Center. Students pictured are Andrea Lawrence, Kaitlyn Michael, Cameron Richards, Jessica Foote, Anthony Watts, Hollis Walley, Austin McKay, Tre Rhone, Sydney Lowe and Jake Rattan.

McAlester students pose with Downtown Tulsa in the background. Front Row: Thomas Delcid, Manning White, Sarah Harrison, Taryn Good, TU Student Ambassador Allyson Rowe, Nate Alexander, Christian Parker, Bailey Fry and Cheyenne Hearst. Back Row: Makayla Hurley and Raelyn Wiseley.

GEAR UP students pose in front of the McFarlin Library. Front Row: Jacob Ethridge and Max Luethje. Second Row: Cheyanne Clifton, Colton McEachern, Kaitlyn Michael, Camissa Cox, Cameron Richards, Gracyn Wingo, Andrea Lawrence, Sydney Lowe, Anthony Watts, Josh Swartzlander. Back Row: Carley Hightower, Sam Shelton, Tre Rhone, Jessica Foote, Jake Rattan, Austin McKay, Jacob Luna and Hollis Walley.

Students look down into The Stacks, the newest addition to the McFarlin Library at TU. Pictured are Hollis Walley, Jake Rattan, Jacob Luna, Austin McKay, Josh Swartzlander, Jessica Foote, Anthony Watts, Tre Rhone, Sam Shelton, Andrea Lawrence, Carley Hightower, Gracyn Wingo, Cameron Richards, Camissa Cox, Max Luethje and Kaitlyn Michael.

McAlester juniors sit in a classroom inside the Holmes Business Center. Front Row: Sydney Lowe, Jessica Foote, Anthony Watts, Sam Shelton and Austin McKay. Second Row: Tre Rhone, Jake Rattan and Josh Swartzlander. Back Row: Gracyn Wingo, Cameron Richards and Max Luethje.

Allyson Rowe leads students into one of the newest dorms on campus, Hardesty Hall. MHS students are Sarah Harrison, Makayla Hurley, Raelyn Wisely, Nate Alexander, Christian Parker and Taryn Good.

Students hear about the Allen Chapman Student Union where they ate lunch with TU students. Pictured are Austin McKay, Sam Shelton, Anthony Watts, Cameron Richards, Andrea Lawrence, Camissa Cox, Kaitlyn Michael, Max Luethje, Jake Rattan, Gracyn Wingo, Jessica Foote, Tre Rhone, Sydney Lowe, Carley Hightower, Hollis Walley and TU student Ambassador Crosby Garrison.

MHS students got a backstage look at the workshop where stage props are built and stored. Pictured are Manning White, Josh Swartzlander, Nate Alexander, Christian Parker, Sarah Harrison, Bailey Fry, TCC Recruiter Kelsey Pitts and Cheyenne Hearst.

Students get an inside look at the Fitness Center at TCC. Pictured are Nate Alexander, Taryn Good, Makayla Hurley, Thomas Delcid, Bailey Fry, Cheyenne Hearst, Christian Parker, Sarah Harrison, Manning White and TCC Student Recruiter Kelsey Pitts.

McAlester GEAR UP students stop for a quick pic in front of the TCC graduation poster. Front Row: Makayla Hurley, Josh Swartzlander, Colton McEacher, Cheyanne Clifton, Andrea Lawrence. Back Row: Christian Parker, Raelyn Wisely, Thomas Delcid, Nate Alexander, Jacob Ethridge, Taryn Good, Cheyenne Hearst, Bailey Fry, Sarah Harrison, Manning White and Jacob Luna.

MHS students pictured at TCC Southeast Campus are: Front row: Cameron Richards, Max Luethje, Christian Parker, Thomas Delcid and Bailey Fry. Back row: Raelyn Wisely, Josh Swartzlander and Cheyenne Hearst.

McAlester GEAR UP juniors pause for a photo at TCC. Pictured are: Front row: Taryn Good, Hollis Walley, Tre Rhone, Andrea Lawrence and Kaitlyn Michael. Second Row: Thomas Delcid, Bailey Fry, Jacob Ethridge, Manning White, Sarah Harrison, Anthony Watts and Austin McKay. Back Row: Cheyenne Hearst, Jacob Luna and Jake Rattan.

McAlester GEAR UP juniors show off the goodie bags given to them at TCC. Pictured are: Front Row: Gracyn Wingo, Sydney Lowe, Jessica Foote, Taryn Good, Hollis Walley, Tre Rhone, Andrea Lawrence, Kaitlyn Michael, Camissa Cox and Sam Shelton. Second row: Cameron Richards, Max Luethje, Josh Swartzlander, Thomas Delcid, Jacob Ethridge, Manning White, Sarah Harrison, Anthony Watts and Cheyanne Clifton. Back Row: Makayla Hurley, Raelyn Wisely, Christian Parker, Cheyenne Hearst, Bailey Fry and Jacob Luna.

McAlester junior Nate Alexander poses with the TCC bag of information given during the tour.

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