Local eighth and ninth grade students “Spark Success” at Eastern’s GEAR UP summer leadership camps


WILBURTON, OK (June 30, 2014) – Hundreds of students from southeastern Oklahoma came together at Eastern Oklahoma State College in June to develop their leadership skills, give back to their community and begin their journey to college.

EOSC GEAR UP worked with FOCUS Training to design and deliver five, three–day GO BIG Leadership Camps. With a theme of “Spark,” students were challenged to spark success in themselves and others. Highlights of the camps included a low ropes adventure course to build confidence and challenge management skills; a community service project where students created care packages for military personnel; and action planning where students set six goals related to short– and long–term academic and social success. Students also gave presentations at the end of camp focused on what they learned and what they will do with this knowledge after camp.

This year's camps prepared students for the challenges and opportunities of school life. The students experienced the life of a typical college student at Eastern by experiencing instruction in a college classroom setting, sleeping in the residence halls, and dining in the cafeteria.

The leadership development sessions were as follows:

  1. Spark Your Vision - Students learned how to set specific goals that they could achieve over the summer and throughout the next school year. They concentrated on getting more involved with GEAR UP and helping other students in their school to do the same.
  2. Spark Your Team - Participants learned about synergy and the importance of trust among teammates to achieve the best possible result.
  3. Spark Your Success - Students learned how to use creativity and innovation to overcome barriers that they may face in their lives and how to use these experiences to navigate future barriers.
  4. Spark Your Image - The emphasis in this session was on positive behavior and expanding their personal networks for future opportunities.
  5. Spark Your Message - Participants practiced public speaking techniques and prepared their end–of–camp presentation.
Students then graduated from the camp and received awards recognizing extraordinary teamwork, enthusiasm and participation.

Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) is a federal initiative to increase the number of low–income students who enter and successfully transition into postsecondary education. Eastern will receive more than $12.6 million during a seven–year period to help students and educators in 30 partner schools. The camp was free to GEAR UP participants.


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GEAR UP Camp #1 June 2-4, 2014 – Atoka, Crowder, Haileyville, Talihina, Wilburton

Front Row: (FOCUS Training) Kyle Willkom, Latrell Armstrong and Alyssa Chang.
Row 2: (Atoka) Nathan Airington, Jaxson Allen, Daxton Beck, Ty Brannon, Matthew Brooks, Matthew Clay, Sebastian Cole, Timothy Cunningham, Zaine Eaves, Hunter Gass, Nick Gipson, Danielle Granger, Keelyn Harkey, Hailey Harrison, Clayton Heilbrun, Courtney Lee Hill, Jesse Johnson, Nathalie McDaniel, Sarah McMaster, Kelsie Morgan, Brylee Reasor, Kobe Riley, Dazy Ringwald, Kasemir Vah, Cole Walker, Zane White; (Crowder) Kaitlyn Daniel.
Row 3: (Crowder) Rebecca Kuehn, Liam Morris, Kimberly Motley, Olivia Rolland, Paige White, Patrick Williams; (Haileyville) Sonny Botts, Shilo Carshall, Alexia Cooper, William Copeland, Hunter Soliday, Emily Turman; (Talihina) Lauren Baugh, Heaven Brown, Taleia Casey, Kristy Collins, Isabella Jordan, Bayley Kimball, Jason Long, Jr., Echo Merryman, Ashlen Mize, April Osburne, Justin Worley, Andrew Young; (Wilburton) Karley Anderson, Noah Babcock, and Allison Ballard.
Back Row: (Wilburton) Dillon Ballard, Maegan Fite, Robert Gill, Hannah Gockel, Giles Goddard, Garret Harris, Anthony Hernandez, Charles Lacy, William LaMere III, Ashley Mooers, Halea Oller, Ujayi Patel, Jacob Pebley, Allena Perry, Colt Petty, Lauryn Rader, Scotlin Rizor, Allison Sellers, Zachary Sims, Cheyanne Sinor, Sierra Smith, Charles Sorrell, Nealy Williams, Kaitlan Wilson, Lawrence Wood, and Rachel Wood.

GEAR UP Camp #2 June 5-7, 2014 – Bokoshe, Canadian, Clayton, Indianola, Panola, Spiro

Front Row: (FOCUS Training) Alyssa Chang, Latrell Armstrong, and Kyle Willkom.
Row 2: (Bokoshe) Alex Dixon, Damien Mink, Casey Price; (Canadian) Lauren Bratcher, Dalton Carp, Sean Cogburn, Joseph Cowser, Jessica Decker, Joshua Eldridge, Tyler Gorbet, Dominic Hernandez, Krislyn Hughes, Dylan Manhollan, Cameren May, and Ethan Millet.
Row 3: (Canadian) Neva Northcutt, Tyler Owens, Lily Romero, Brentleigh Rousey, Jenna Russell, Aaron Stowers; (Clayton) Zachary Bray, Jayden Freeman, Hunter Howze, Daniel Medina, Christian Scarberry; (Indianola) Paul Clark, Linda Eldridge, Brooklyne Lefler, and Jessica Swartwout.
Back Row: (Panola) Alyssa Calvin, Rosetta Coley, Allison Corcoran, Doralynn Cox, Sandra Karstens; (Spiro) Lily Braden, Justin Cassatt, Tory Eatmon, Katrina McClain, Melissa McClain, Hailey Mendoza, Wyatt Milliken, Madison Osborne, Christian Robbins, Ambrosio Rodriguez, and Hannah Tobler.

GEAR UP Camp #3 June 9-11, 2014 – Antlers, Frink-Chambers, Quinton, Savanna, Stringtown, Whitesboro

Front Row: (FOCUS Training) Kyle Willkom, Latrell Armstrong, and Alyssa Chang.
Row 2: (Antlers) Sabrina Cole, Taylor Hindman, Karissa Hughes, Christian McKnight, Courtney McMillen, Corbin Owens, Heather Scott, John Stout, Bryce Williams (Frink-Chambers) Kylee Ashworth, Kaitlynn Rigsby, Steven Rowland, (Quinton) Andrew Howell, (Savanna) Martin DelaGarza, Nathan Gilliland, Nicholas Gilliland, Nickolas Graham, Breanna Lambert, Lacey Lee, Blain Martin, and Dakota McElhaney.
Back Row: (Savanna) Gunner Oliver, Brailee Plotner, Colby Post, Brianna Rector, Emily Shiew, Cody Smith-Sparks, Michael Strain, Jacob Tate, James Underwood, Shelby Underwood, Gabrielle Valdez, Hayle Wood, (Stringtown) MaKenzie Brutchin, Tyson Clinton, Rylee Dunlap, Gracie Jackson, Hollis Magby, Háley Rung, Aron Smith, (Whitesboro) John Cranford III, and Caleb Henry.

GEAR UP Camp #4
June 12-14 – Buffalo Valley, Keota, McAlester, Panama, Rattan

Front Row: (FOCUS Training) Tim Callahan, Latrell Armstrong, and Kyle Willkom, and Alyssa Chang.
Row 2: (Buffalo Valley) Cordell Collins, Robert Kemp Jr., Nicholas Knowles, (Keota) Brendan Adams, Jackson Cole, Blake Dean, Shailynn Holder, Shanda Holder, Jerry Hurt III, Darin Kates, Christopher Rowe, Noah Turner, (McAlester) Katie Ary, Isaac Briggs, Tyler Chaky, MaKayla Chapman, Hayden Cole, Camissa Cox, Christopher Crawford, Zion Edwards, and Cheyenne Hearst.
Row 3: (McAlester) Quianna Hearst, Kaitlynn Helmer, Destiny Hilton, Alexes Johnson, Davian Noels, Lindsey Old, Christian Parker, Jake Rattan, Jacoby Riddle, Dakota Smead, Scott Welch, (Panama) Telissa Call, Kaylia Coleman, LeLeana Martinez, Courtney Phillips, MariahDee Polzin, Alyssa Powell, Blayke Roman, and Victoria Ryan.
Back Row: (Rattan) Ivan Baker Jr., Jaqualynn Brown, Michaela Cayton, Elisha Crow, Wyatt Harris, Christopher Heady, Lauren Heady, Desarae Jordan, Shania Lawrence, Laura Loftin, Marin McClellan, Kayleigh Robertson, Johnathon Shores, DeAnn Taylor, Caitlin Vanworth, Brandon Wilder, Kathryn Wilson, and Roberto Yanez.

GEAR UP Camp #5 June 16-18 – Hartshorne, Krebs, McAlester, McCurtain, Moyers

Front Row: (FOCUS Training) Alyssa Chang, Latrell Armstrong, and Tim Callahan.
First Row: (Hartshorne) Morgan Arledge, Noah Daniels, Jax Mendenhall, Alexandria Miller, Dominic Ockletree, Dillon Solmes, Sydney Thomas, (Krebs) Aurora Buss, Cory Long, Zoee Lovett, Emerald Lynn, William Sears, Kyle Tannehill, (LeFlore) Sadie Brown, Brittney Jurczak, Alisia Palma, and Jerra Scott.
Row 2: (LeFlore) Emily Sinclair, Madison Vaden, Karlie Young, (McAlester) Shaylee Bockout, Damian Breshears, Lucas Cable, Jonathan Delcid, Donovan Evans, Jasmen Garcia, Tyler Harrison, Matthew Helmer, Kaitlyn King, Dillon Lanford, Dakota Lester, Kayla McLellan, Dakota Mick, Kate Namuhmuh, and Pamela Patton.
Back Row: Angelia Postoak, Alyx Samuel, Angel Sharpe, Colin Smith, Naja Washington, Keaton Wilkett, Michael Williams (McCurtain) Matthew Blaylock, Sean Lindsey, Ashlie Lovell, Trace Murdock, (Moyers) Cydni Barcus, Jacob Carter, Laney Heath, Nikki Hobson, Ty Kellett, Chloe Sprague, and Mona Wages.

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