Local educators attend GEAR UP sponsored Common Core workshops


WILBURTON, OK (Jan. 30, 2014) – More than 80 teachers and administrators recently participated in Educational Development Instructional Team’s (EDIT) Subject Area Specific Common Core State Standards workshops hosted by Eastern Oklahoma State College’s GEAR UP for Success grant program. Math and science teachers attended the first day, and English/Language/Arts and Social Studies teachers attended the second day.

Participants from all 30 GEAR UP partner schools attended the workshops, including Antlers, Atoka, Bokoshe, Buffalo Valley, Canadian, Clayton, Crowder, Frink Chambers, Haileyville, Hartshorne, Indianola, Keota, Krebs, LeFlore, McAlester, McCurtain, Moyers, Panama, Panola, Pittsburg, Quinton, Rattan, Red Oak, Savanna, Spiro, Stringtown, Talihina, Tannehill, Whitesboro and Wilburton

Martha Michael and Danny Swopes provided practical information including the definition of curriculum and testing–related acronyms, the Oklahoma Testing Schedule, cut score revisions, time lines, and specific subject area content testing information. Participants received valuable handouts for their particular subject area. Open discussions were held throughout the workshops.

“Martha Michael and Danny Swopes are experts in the area of implementation of the Oklahoma Common Core State Standards,” said GEAR UP Project Director Linda Morgan. “We are excited that we could provide this valuable training for GEAR UP teachers and administrators. The new standards and testing will be fully implemented in 2014–2015. The time is now to ensure our teachers are equipped to meet the requirements of CCSS.”

In 2010, Oklahoma lawmakers passed legislation that committed the state to adopting Common Core.The Common Core State Standards define the knowledge and skills students should have within their K–12 education careers so that they will graduate high school able to succeed in entry–level, credit–bearing academic college courses and in workforce training programs.

The Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) is a federal initiative to increase the number of low–income students who enter and successfully transition into postsecondary education. Eastern will receive more than $12.6 million during a seven–year period to help students and educators in 30 partner schools.

Atoka County Math & Science: J. D. Allen, Stringtown Science and Christy Davis, Atoka Math.

Haskell County Math & Science: Carolyn Saulter, McCurtain Science; Deward Palmer, McCurtain Math; and Cydney Meglemre, Keota Math.

Latimer County Math & Science: Front Row: Heidi Woolverton, Buffalo Valley Science; Whitney Dixon, Wilburton Science; Joann Scarberry, Buffalo Valley Math; Jamie Booth, Panola Science; and Eddie Martin, Red Oak Science. Back Row: Brenda Reading, Panola Math; Mary Kendrick, Wilburton Math; Carrie Rymer, Wilburton Math; and Micah Baker, Red Oak Math.

LeFlore County Math & Science: Front Row: Sharon Aishman, Spiro Science; Ramona Medlin, Talihina Math; Rene Owens, Talihina Science; Patsey Porter, Whitesboro Math; and Judy Phillips, Whitesboro Science. Back Row: Tracy Loyd, LeFlore Math; Donola Barnes, Spiro Math; Marty Darneal, Spiro Math; and Melissa Darneal, Spiro Science.

Pittsburg County (North) Math & Science: Front Row: Ashley Gragg, Quinton Math; Shana Grubis, Canadian Math; Virginia Ross, Indianola Science; Frankie LaVarnway, Tannehill Science; and Sandy Smith, Tannehill Math. Back Row: Chad Carson, Indianola Math; T. W. Estes, Quinton Math; Lisa Hilburn, Quinton Math; and Nichol Wilkett, Canadian Science.

Pittsburg County (South) Math & Science: Front Row: Jennifer King, Hartshorne Math; Cecil Hallmark, Haileyville Math; DeeWayna Smith, Frink–Chambers Math; Debbie Rice, Pittsburg Science; and Holly Baker, Savanna Science. Back Row: Shelly Wansick, Hartshorne Math; Ryan Wiley, Hartshorne Math; Zack Duffy, Haleyville Science; Tara Davidson, Haileyville Science; Kerry Phillips, Krebs Science; and Richard Peckio, Frink–Chambers Superintendent.

Pushmataha County Math & Science: Front Row: Sherry Duncan, Rattan Science; Nikki Brown, Rattan Math; and SueAnn Raby, Moyers Science. Back Row: Donna Baze, Rattan Science; Dona Branton, Antlers Science; Vicky Gibbs, Rattan Math; and Wes Haddox, Antlers Math.

Atoka County ELA & Social Studies: Kayla Moore, Atoka ELA and Chet Braudrick, Atoka Social Studies. Haskell County ELA & Social Studies: Tina Parsons, Keota ELA; Abigail Taylor, McCurtain ELA; Clark Bruner, McCurtain Social Studies; and Vicki Bane, McCurtain ELA.

Latimer County ELA & Social Studies: Wallena Dominic, Panola ELA; Ed Hawthorne, Red Oak Social Studies; and Megan Muncy, Red Oak ELA.

LeFlore County ELA & Social Studies: Front Row: Ashley Gravitt, Talihina ELA; Kim Wallace, Talihina, ELA; Lynn Toran, Spiro ELA; Tammy Bray, Bokoshe, ELA; Rocio Hinojosa, Bokoshe Social Studies; and Leota Hartsgraves, Panama Social Studies. Back Row: Kasandra Lovell, Spiro ELA; Wesley Williams, LeFlore ELA; Debra Brown, LeFlore, ELA; Rod Kimmell, Spiro Social Studies; and Heath Smith, Spiro Social Studies.

Pittsburg County (North) ELA & Social Studies: Front Row: Delores Blessing, Indianola ELA; Katie Davidson, Quinton ELA; Michelle Ragan, Crowder, ELA; Rebecca Davis, Crowder ELA; Sherry Leamy, Crowder Social Studies; Sue Ragan, Indianola Social Studies; and Janice Gray, Crowder Social Studes. Back Row: Keli Rippy, Canadian, ELA; Tiff Peterson, Canadian, ELA; Lindsey Sawyer, Quinton, ELA; Lana Ezekiel, Tannehill ELA; Ron Sullivan, Indianola ELA; and Chris McBeath, Quinton Social Studies.

Pittsburg County (South) ELA & Social Studies: Front Row: Brandie Kirkes, Haileyville Principal; Julie Rowell, Krebs ELA; and Peggy James, Pittsburg ELA. Back Row: J. Paul Lane, McAlester Social Studies; Mike Studebaker, Haileyville Social Studies; Donna Curry, Frink–Chambers ELA; and Richard Peckio, Frink–Chambers Superintendent.

Pushmataha County ELA & Social Studies: Sherri Walker, Clayton ELA; Lavada Watkins, Clayton Social Studies; Jan Montgomery, Moyers Social Studies; Danna Bailey, Moyers ELA; and Tony Marris, Antlers Social Studies.

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