Indianola GEAR UP students tour Platt College


WILBURTON, OK (Feb. 19, 2016) – Students from Indianola recently traveled to Tulsa to visit Platt College. Platt College has been providing education and career training in Oklahoma for more than 30 years. Its focus is on helping individuals gain the knowledge and skills they need to qualify for careers they want in an ever–changing workforce.

Platt College Tour Guide/High School Admissions Director Nicole LaBoube talked about the promising degrees offered at Platt College and how they help with job placement.

LaBoube led the group to a central classroom where Crystal Jenson explained the L.P.N. degree offered at the college. She provided details of attaining a nursing degree and the financial aid offered. She discussed the variations in salaries of certified and non–certified personnel. Jenson led the students on a tour of the nursing department. The training room for family medicine and respiratory care was the first stop. Students asked questions about the mannequins used for the training. Students learned that the nursing students have a ten–step procedure to be able to show how to take a patient’s blood pressure.

Next, Instructor Laura Richey talked about the Pharmacy Technician program. Many of the program’s graduates work in one of the 12 local pharmacies. Training for the Pharmacy Technician program is approximately seven and a half months, and the costs is approximately $15,000.

The final stop on the tour was Platt’s Culinary Arts building. Program Director Jeff Howard met the students. The chef/director/instructor captivated the attention of the students as he talked about the program and its many venues for employment. Howard discussed restaurant management, hospital nutrition, entrepreneurship, school nutrition and the many other areas students could pursue as a career path. The experienced chef told the students about the different ethnic foods which were being prepared by Platt students as they watched through a large plate glass window.

Oriental cuisine such as sushi, sashimi and various far eastern dishes were discussed. Howard explained that students have to learn how to prepare a wide repertoire of dishes from various ethnicities such as Italian, German, Oriental and French. The students receive a set of kitchen knives and tools which they are allowed to take with them when they graduate. Platt College has its own restaurant which serves gourmet meals during the evening.

“The college tour was very informative,” said GEAR UP Education Coordinator Lori Douglas. “They were gracious and helpful to our students who are trying to decide on their future careers and where to pursue postsecondary education.”
The field trip was sponsored by Eastern Oklahoma State College GEAR UP. Participating schools take two field trips each academic year—one to tour a college or university and one that is cultural or educational in nature.

Culinary Arts Instructor—Indianola GEAR UP students listen as Platt College Culinary Arts Instructor/Director Jeff Howard explains the different cultural dishes prepared by Platt students. Indianola students pictured are: Clayton Morgano, Hannah Wood, Kristy Bierman, Talor Suenram, Morgan Sennett, Kaitlynn Epps, Jessica Cunningham, Dakota Thomas, Frankie Lovett, Madelyn Weeks, Ty Smith and Kolten Peloquin.

Culinary Restaurant—Indianola GEAR UP Students pose for a picture inside the culinary restaurant. Pictured are: Front row: Ty Smith, Kristy Bierman, Jessica Cunningham and Zackary Lambert. Middle row: Aryn Weeks, Kaitlynn Epps, Frankie Lovett, Hannah Wood, Alexis Odisho, Madalynn Weeks and Kolten Peloquin. Back row: Morgan Sennett, Ashton Arterberry, Kale Parker, Bailie Casler, Levi Berryman, Ethan Prince, Tony Stephenson, Alex Dickey, Talor Suenram, Dakota Thomas, Paul Clark, Clayton Morgano, Platt College Tour Guide/High School Admissions Director Nicole LaBoube.

Jeff Howard—Culinary Arts Instructor Jeff Howard explains restaurant management and waste disposal to Indianola GEAR UP students. Pictured are: Alexis Odisho, Hannah Wood, Frankie Lovett, Kaitlynn Epps, Paul Clark, Alex Dickey, Jessica Cunningham, Tony Stephenson, Talor Suenram, Dakota Thomas, Kolten Peloquin and Morgan Sennett.

Culinary Arts Students—Indianola GEAR UP students watch as Platt College Culinary Arts students prepare ethnic food during class.

Pharmacy—Pharmacy Technician Instructor Laura Richey tells Indianola students about the 10–month program. Students pictured are Bailie Casler, Aryn Weeks, Kolten Peloquin and Ethan Prince.

Nursing—Nursing Instructor Crystal Jenson explains the L.P.N. program to Indianola students. Pictured are Zack Lambert, Alex Dickey, Kale Parker, Dakota Thomas, Levi Berryman, Bailie Casler and Kristy Bierman.

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