Hartshorne sophomores visit Connors State College


WILBURTON, OK (Feb. 26, 2016) – Students from Hartshorne High School were in for a treat when they recently toured Connors State College in Warner. Forty–nine sophomores began their tour in the Fine Arts Auditorium. CSC Recruiter Casey Owens introduced the students to the campus with a video showcasing CSC student programs and activities. Students were given an overview of the admissions process and the cost of attendance. Owens highlighted university partnerships such as the NSU 2+2 option, where students can start at Connors and transfer all earned credits towards a Bachelor’s degree at Northeastern State University. Connors has partnerships with NSU, OSU and UCO.

Hartshorne students toured the CSC student residential hall. The quad dorms in Miller’s Crossing allow four students to share a common area, two to each bathroom (with individual sinks), and a single bedroom for each student. Next, students were led across campus to the Ag department where Equine Instructor Jake Walker discussed the 11 Agriculture majors at Connors. He encouraged students to look into various agriculture careers in Oklahoma. Most students don’t realize how much of our economy is involved in the agriculture industry.

Students returned to the Fine Arts Auditorium to meet Biology Instructors Greg Broussard and Dr. Ryan Carlton. They brought some of their “lab critters” for students to see and handle. They were excited and anxious to handle a Prairie King Snake, a Ball Python and two Madagascar Hissing Cock Roaches. The instructors explained the difference between poison and venom and how snakes are never poisonous but some are venomous. Dr. Carlton eased students’ minds that neither snake he brought to show them was venomous and how the Prairie King snake is misidentified as a Copper Head which is an indigenous and venomous snake in Oklahoma.

“It was a great tour,” said GEAR UP Education Coordinator Rachael Ranallo. “The Connors staff took time to answer questions about Connors and campus life. It’s always good when our students can visit a college or university campus to see what each has available.”
The field trip was sponsored by Eastern Oklahoma State College GEAR UP. Participating schools take two field trips each academic year—one to tour a college or university and one that is cultural or educational in nature.

Hartshorne GEAR UP sophomores recently toured Connors State College in Warner. Students were: Front row: Kaylob Tramel, Robert Nichter, Kacey Ludlow, Christian Reeves, Mayan Fox, Briana Dillshaw, Re Richardson, Sydney Thomas, Raven Miller, Gabriela Bernal and Cherokee Madden. Second row: Lacey Kinnikin, Briana Nichols, Merriel Howell, Garrett Rust, Kassidy Howry, Morgan Arledge, Shelby Tushka, Gracanne Daniels, Jordan Farve, Cierria Morris, Justin Johnson and Anthony John. Third row: Danielle Enriquez, Tequanna PoorBear, Madison McCoy, Jude Rankin, McGavyne LoneElk, Jax Mendenhall, Hannah Duncan, Aubrey Russell, Taylor Hackler, Caynon Bailey-Morgan, Dominic Ockletree, Blake Lindley and Trent Kitchell. Back row: Andres Lujano, Laura Morgan, Briana Dillshaw, Heather Dillshaw, Bryson Barnett, Allen Delgado, Alissa Tinney, Alex Stroble, Glendria Dixon, Jackie Richard, Austin Henry, Sam Little and Alex Miller.

Students wait to tour Miller’s Crossing where they got to view one of the “quads” where four students can live in one apartment style set up. Students touring are Shelby Tushka, Danielle Enriquez, Kacey Ludlow, Gracanne Daniels, Tequanna PoorBear, Laura Morgan, Caynon Bailey-Morgan, Sam Little, Cierria Morris, Alex Miller, Blake Lindley, Dominic Ockletree, Jordan Farve, Christian Reeves, Kaylob Tramel, Hannah Duncan, Allen Delgado, Alissa Tinney, Bryson Barnett, Alex Stroble, Raven Miller, Jackie Richard, Gabriela Bernal, Mayan Fox, Garrett Rust, Cherokee Madden, Heather Dillshaw, Briana Dillshaw.

CSC Biology Instructor Dr. Ryan Carlton shows students the Prairie King Snake as Instructor Greg Broussard waits to show students the Ball Python and Madagascar Hissing Cock Roaches. Students pictured are Gracanne Daniels, Cierria Morris, Alex Miller, Mayan Fox, McGavyne LoneElk, and Bryson Barnett.

Equine Instructor Jake Walker talks to students about the 11 Agriculture majors offered at CSC. Students pictured are Alex Miller, Jordan Farve, Gracanne Daniels, Shelby Tushka, Laura Morgan, Caynon Bailey-Morgan, Tequanna PoorBear and Kacey Ludlow.

Students listen as CSC Equine Instructor Jake Walker discusses the Ag programs available. Students pictured are Danielle Enriquez and Andres Lujano look at a CSC Spring schedule. Blake Lindley, Bryson Barnett, Taylor Hackler, Aubrey Russell, Madison McCoy, Alissa Tinney, Jude Rankin, Allen Delgado, Robert Nichter, Kaylob Tramel, Briana Dillshaw, Re Richardson and Austin Henry.

Hartshorne students wait for Biology instructors Dr. Carlton and Mr. Broussard to explain what kinds of snakes they brought to showcase and when they can hold them! Students pictured are: Front row: McGavyne LoneElk, Mayan Fox, Alex Miller, Jordan Farve, Cierria Morris, Gracanne Daniels, Morgan Arledge, Briana Dillshaw and Mr. David Sanchez. Row 2: Jax Mendenhall, Trent Kitchell, Andres Lujano, Gabriela Bernal, Tequanna PoorBear, Laura Morgan, Danielle Enriquez, Shelby Tushka and Cherokee Madden. Row 3: Glendria Dixon, Alex Stroble, Jackie Richard, Madison McCoy, Lacey Kinnikin, Merriel Howell, Briana Nichols and Mrs. Shelley Wansick. Row 4: Re Richardson, Raven Miller, Sydney Thomas and Ms. Hailey Wansick. Back row: Garrett Rust and Principal Mike Reddick.

Hartshorne sophomores Alex Miller and Cierria Morris take turns holding the Ball Python. Students pictured waiting to hold the snake include Gabriela Bernal, Andres Lujano, Trent Kitchell, Jax Mendenhall, Alex Stroble, Glendria Dixon, Anthony John, Taylor Hackler, Robert Nichter, Hannah Duncan, Allen Delgado, Jude Rankin, Christian Reeves, Austin Henry and Caynon Bailey-Morgan.

Hartshorne sophomores Danielle Enriquez and Shelby Tushka hold the Prairie King Snake during a recent visit to Connors State College. Other students pictured are Cherokee Madden, Lacey Kinnikin, Briana Nichols, Re Richardson, Raven Miller and Merriel Howell.

Allen Delgado holds the Ball Python and Alissa Tinney holds the Prairie King Snake during a recent tour of Connors State College. Jude Rankin and Austin Henry look on in disbelief!

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