Hartshorne Juniors Tour UAFS and the Fort Smith National Historic Site


WILBURTON, OK (May 11, 2016) – Forty–five GEAR UP juniors from Hartshorne recently toured the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith (UAFS) and the Fort Smith National Historic Site.

Students arrived at UAFS and were divided into three groups to tour the campus. UAFS Student Ambassadors led students through the Smith–Pendergraft Campus Center (campus activities, dining and the bookstore); the Lion’s Den Residence Halls (built six years ago to accommodate 1 to 3 students per room); Windgate Art and Design Building; Boreham Library; Pendergraft Health Sciences Center (Student services offered: psychology, general health/illness and dental hygiene. Students can get their teeth cleaned for only $15); Baldor Technology Center; the Math–Science Building; and finally, the newly–built Amphitheater on campus. While in the amphitheater, students were given an overview of degree programs and scholarship opportunities offered at UAFS. They also learned that UAFS offers Oklahoma students in–state tuition.

Students were very impressed by the new and remodeled campus. It was interesting to learn about the 40 degree programs available. The Hartshorne students dined with the college students in the Lion’s Den Dining Hall. There were various activities happening on campus including “Destress with Dogs,” a booth set up in the middle of campus with dogs from the local animal shelter. All dogs were up for adoption, but were there that day to interact with students and help relieve the stress of upcoming finals.

After lunch the tour moved to the Fort Smith National Historic Site near the Arkansas River. Cody Faber, a Ranger at the Parks Department, was the guide. Students were lead through the grounds including the jail dubbed “Hell on the Border,” Judge Parker’s courtroom, the gallows, and the old individual jail cells. Since students had read True Grit by Charles Portis, Faber explained some of the book’s story through historical events that happened at Fort Smith in the late 1800s.

Ranger Faber was incredibly knowledgeable and gave the students “insider” information about the relationships between deputies and the outlaws. He also explained the views of Judge Parker, commonly called “the hanging judge,” who was actually against the death penalty. Seventy–nine individuals were hung at the gallows under Judge Parker’s ruling. Students got a first–hand look at the historical site including the courtroom and gallows where the events from the book took place.

The field trip was sponsored by Eastern Oklahoma State College GEAR UP. Participating schools take two field trips each academic year—one to tour a college or university and one that is cultural/educational in nature.

Hartshorne junior GEAR UP students at the Amphitheater on the campus of UAFS include: Front Row: Cody Clark, Tanner Henry, Kyle Brown, Harley Brown, Lauren York, Haven Bailey–Morgan, NaShay Alexander, Rosa Sardina, Marley Black, Mariel Sam, Anna Benedict and Scotlin Rizor Row 2: Araceli Ortiz, Taylor Robbins, Shyann Hill, Mason Gaylor, Madison Semeski, Kori Edwards, Kendall Young, Brandon Neighbors, Claire Tallant, Kanani Watashe, Serena Santos, Courtney Herrington, Shoshanah Hardy and Nathan Ranallo Back Row: Romeo Farve, Camden Coleman, Bailey Robinson, Zach Bennett, Josh Brown, Bryan Hawkins, Dalton Cook, Elizabeth Wilson, James Phillips, Jawaski Johnson, Josh Macias, Dillion Wilkett, Tyler Sheppard, Hailey Braswell, Tucker Capps, Wyatt Corum, Adam Lovenburg, Kelly Lott and Marcus O’Daniel.

Hartshorne GEAR UP students gather in the Pendergraft Health Sciences Center to discuss the programs and student services offered. Pictured are: Anna Benedict, Jawaski Johnson, Scotlin Rizor, Dalton Cook, Cody Clark, Josh Macias, James Phillips, Romeo Farve, Elizabeth Wilson and UAFS Student Ambassador Steven Stone.

Hartshorne students tour the Lion’s Den Residence Hall include Marley Black, Mariel Sam, Rosa Sardina, Hailey Braswell, Marcus O’Daniel and Kelly Lott.

Hartshorne juniors enjoy lunch on the outside patio of the Lion’s Den Dining Hall. Pictured are Brandon Neighbors, Claire Tallant, Haven Bailey–Morgan, Harley Brown, Lauren York, Madison Semeski, Kori Edwards, Kendall Young, Jawaski Johnson, Dillion Wilkett, James Phillips, Bryan Hawkins, Cody Clark and Tanner Henry.

Hartshorne students pause in the Boreham Library as Tour Guide Ian Carter explains the services offered to students from Library Services. Pictured are Zach Bennett, Tucker Capps, Marcus O’Daniel, Kelly Lott, Serena Santos, Hailey Braswell, Courtney Herrington, Nathan Ranallo, Josh Brown, Tyler Sheppard, Marley Black, Rosa Sardina and Mariel Sam.

Hartshorne GEAR UP students browsing the campus bookstore before lunch are Harley Brown, Madison Semeski, Lauren York and Haven Bailey–Morgan.

Hartshorne students wait for the other students at the new Amphitheater on the UAFS campus. Pictured are: Front row: Kyle Brown, Tanner Henry, Lauren York and Haven Bailey–Morgan Row 2: Mason Gaylor, Madison Semeski, Kori Edwards, Kendall Young, Harley Brown, Brandon Neighbors and Claire Tallant Back row: Shyann Hill, NaShay Alexander and Taylor Robbins.

GEAR UP students from Hartshorne view under the gallows at the Fort Smith National Historic site. Pictured are Nathan Ranallo, Courtney Herrington, Kelly Lott, Hailey Braswell, Brandon Neighbors, Marcus O’Daniel, Adam Lovenburg, Madison Semeski, Josh Macias, Serena Santos, Jawaski Johnson, Hartshorne Counselor Jennifer King, Lauren York, Kanani Watashe, Romeo Farve and Haven Bailey–Morgan.

Students listen as Park Ranger Cody Faber discusses the old jail cells and ventilation system they used in the late 1800s. Hartshorne students are Bryan Hawkins, Claire Tallant, Brandon Neighbors, Madison Semeski, Dalton Cook, Hailey Braswell, Tyler Sheppard, Courtney Herrington, Rosa Sardina, Mariel Sam, Elizabeth Wilson, Scotlin Rizor, Taylor Robbins, Shyann Hill, Kendall Young, Kori Edwards, Harley Brown, Kyle Brown, Hartshorne Counselor Jennifer King, NaShay Alexander, Kelly Lott, Mason Gaylor, Wyatt Corum, Marcus O’Daniel, Tucker Capps and Lauren York.

Hartshorne English III students recently read True Grit by Charles Portis. Park Ranger Cody Faber discusses some historical facts from the novel and Northwest Arkansas. Listening carefully are Elizabeth Wilson, Wyatt Corum, Lauren York, Taylor Robbins, Marcus O’Daniel, Shyann Hill, Kelly Lott, NaShay Alexander, Brandon Neighbors, Claire Tallant, Kori Edwards and Harley Brown.

Camden Coleman, Tanner Henry and Serena Santos write on a white board to tell what they liked, or learned from the Fort Smith National Historic Site.

Hartshorne students sat in Judge Parker’s Courtroom as Park Ranger Cody Faber talks with the Jury to explain their duty in the court and how that affected the defendant. Picture are: Front row: Brandon Neighbors, Claire Tallant, James Phillips, Elizabeth Wilson, Kelly Lott and Adam Lovenburg Back row: Romeo Farve, Cody Clark, Nathan Ranallo, Shyann Hill, Park Ranger Cody Faber and Marcus O’Daniel.

Hartshorne GEAR UP students stand in the spectator area of the gallows as Park Ranger Cody Faber explains what the day was like when there was a scheduled hanging. Pictured are Hartshorne Teacher Mike Smith, Hartshorne Counselor Jennifer King, Zach Bennett, Nathan Ranallo, Courtney Herrington, NaShay Alexander, Mariel Sam, Wyatt Corum, Hailey Braswell, Josh Brown, Harley Brown, Brandon Neighbors, Mason Gaylor, Shoshanah Hardy, Kendall Young, Kanani Watashe, Kori Edwards, Lauren York, Romeo Farve, Jawaski Johnson, Shyann Hill, Dalton Cook, Taylor Robbins, and Marley Black.

Hartshorne juniors Dillion Wilkett, Hailey Braswell and NaShay Alexander sit in Judge Parker’s old courtroom and discuss the system process.

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