Hartshorne Junior GEAR UP students tour Connors State College


WILBURTON, OK (Nov. 20, 2015) – Hartshorne junior GEAR UP students recently toured Connors State College in Warner, OK. CSC Director of Recruitment Logan Knapper welcomed students to the Fine Arts Auditorium. Students were introduced to Connors’ website and viewed a recruitment video showcasing various student organizations and opportunities on campus.

Students toured the CSC campus beginning with a stop at Randolph Hall to see a student’s dorm room. Connors is one of the few campuses that offers a single room option for students. Hartshorne students were excited about the pool on campus in the middle courtyard of the dorm halls and recreation center with ping pong, billiards, computer/study rooms and laundry facilities.

The tour moved across campus to the Education Building where students saw a variety of snakes and other critters in the Biology Department. Biology professor Greg Broussard was available to answer students’ questions.

Next stop on campus was the Melvin Self Fieldhouse where students walked through the student workout facilities and gymnasium. Knapper then led students through the Equine Barn where they had an inside look at the horses and stables. Students learned about Connors’ collegiate rodeo team.

The tour concluded in the newly–remodeled Student Union where students dined with current college students.

“This was a great tour,” said GEAR UP Education Coordinator Rachael Ranallo. “No campus is the right campus for all students, but each school is right for someone!”

The field trip was sponsored by Eastern Oklahoma State College GEAR UP. Participating schools take two field trips each academic year—one to tour a college or university and one that is cultural/educational in nature.

Hartshorne junior GEAR UP students during the tour of Connors State College are Front Row: LaBrae Jim, Kanani Watashe, Serena Santos, Blake Tubbs, Lauren York, Kori Edwards and Zachary Bennett. Row 2: Romeo Farve, Jawaski Johnson, Josh Macias, Dillon Wilkett, Steven Richmond, Chase Mass and Dalton Cook. Row 3: Bailey Robinson, Araceli Ortiz, Cody Clark, Mathew Dawson, Seth Youngbird, Chase Parker, Breanna Ecker, Harley Brown and Kendall Young. Row 4: Frankie Young, Mariel Sam, Scotlin Rizor, Nathan Ranallo, Anna Benedict, Elizabeth Wilson, James Phillips, Mason Gaylor and Madison Semeski. Row 5: Shoshanah Hardy, Brooklyne Curliss, Tyler Sheppard, Adam Lovenburg, Camden Coleman, Marley Black, Rosa Sardina, Zachary Alexander, Nashay Alexander and Tanner Henry. Row 6: Marcus O’Daniel, Kelly Lott, Hailey Braswell, Taylor Robbins, Tyler Fults, Tyler Akins, Josh Carr, Ledgen Angeli, Chance Parker, Shay Wilcox and Danté Thomason. Row 7: Josh Brown, Jordan Mattioda, Shyann Hill, Claire Tallant, Brandon Neighbors, Bryan Hawkins and Haven Bailey–Morgan.

Adam Lovenburg, Tyler Sheppard, NaShay Alexander, Kelly Lott and Marcus O’Daniel pose outside the CSC gymnasium.

Blake Tubbs, Camden Coleman, Cody Clark, Mathew Dawson and Romeo Farve pose outside the CSC gymnasium.

Brooklyne Curlis, Breanna Ecker, Madison Semeski, Harley Brown, Lauren York, Kori Edwards and Kendall Young pose outside the CSC gymnasium.

Shoshanah Hardy and Frankie Young stop at the stables in the Connors State College Equine Barn.

Serena Santos, Kelly Lott, Kanani Watashe, Blake Tubbs, Brooklyne Curliss, Marcus O’Daniel, NaShay Alexander, Kendall Young, Camden Coleman, Chase Mass, Steven Richmond and Dalton Cook.

Hartshorne juniors Tanner Henry, Nathan Ranallo, Adam Lovenburg and Tyler Sheppard check out the King Snake in the Biology Department at CSC.

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