Hartshorne GEAR UP sophomores visit the Oklahoma State Capitol


WILBURTON, OK (March 8, 2016) – GEAR UP students from Hartshorne High School were in for a historical treat recently when they toured the Oklahoma State Capitol. Forty–nine sophomores began their tour in the Visitor Center. Tour guide Bill Parks welcomed students to the Capitol grounds. Students were given an overview of the numerous activities happening at the Capitol that day.

Visitors were able to see our government in action. Both the House of Representatives and Senate were in session. Students sat in the galleries and watched as legislators debated and voted on state bills. Parks explained the process of how bills are created and then voted into legislation. Students learned that voters, often called constituents, are able to call or write their representative or senator to provide input on how they would like for their legislator to vote on specific legislation.

Students gained knowledge of our Capitol’s history and plans for the 650 rooms and 11 acres of floor space with murals, restored stained glass, tribal flag plaza and changing art exhibits. Students were surprised to learn that though the original building was constructed in 1917, the dome was not added until 2002. Students learned that although the materials that went into the building are beautiful, they were usually chosen because of available resources at the time of the build or update. Scattered throughout the building is artwork from featured Oklahoma artists, telling the history of the state of Oklahoma.

“It was a great tour,” said GEAR UP Education Coordinator Rachael Ranallo. “The Capitol staff took time to answer questions about our legislative process and our leaders. It’s always good for students to visit state sites and gain insight into our state’s history and the legislative process.”

The field trip was sponsored by Eastern Oklahoma State College GEAR UP. Participating schools take two field trips each academic year—one to tour a college or university and one that is cultural or educational in nature.

Hartshorne GEAR UP sophomores sitting outside the Oklahoma Capitol’s Visitor Center. Front Row: Sydney Thomas Second Row: Jackie Richards, Morgan Arledge, Jax Mendenhall and Bryson Barnett Third Row: Summer John, Kaylob Tramel and Taylor Hackler Fourth Row: Jazlynn Lewis, Alexzandra Stroble, Daniel Marquez, Grace Daniels, Madison McCoy and Aubrey Russell Fifth Row: Andres Lujano, Jordan Farve and Lacey Kinnikin Sixth Row: Maleika Martin, Gabriela Bernal, Kylee Baldwin and Briana Nichols Seventh Row: Blake Lindley, Caynon Bailey–Morgan, Alex Miller, Sam Little and Shelby Tushka Eighth Row: Briana Dillishaw, Cierra Morris, Re Richardson, Raven Miller and Glendria Dixon Ninth Row: Desirae Dawson, Heather Dillishaw, Dominic Ockletree, Alissa Tinney, Preston Stoliby, Ty Coffey and Justin Johnson Tenth Row: Mayan Fox, Danielle Enriquez, Robert Nichter, Allen Delgado, Christian Reeves and McGavyne LoneElk Back Row: Anthony John, Tequanna PoorBear, Alexis Lyons, Austin Henry and Jude Rankin

Hartshorne sophomores watch the Oklahoma Representatives from the gallery during their visit to the State Capitol. Pictured are Briana Nichols, Kylee Baldwin, Lacey Kinnikin and Madison McCoy.

Hartshorne GEAR UP students watch members of the Senate debate a bill from the gallery of the Senate chambers. Students from the University of Central Oklahoma joined the Hartshorne group. Hartshorne students included Jordan Farve, Robert Nichter, Christian Reeves, Allen Delgado, Kaylob Tramel, Sydney Thomas, Briana Dillishaw, Glendria Dixon and Shelby Tushka.

Students waiting on the stairs outside the Oklahoma State Capitol Visitor Center are Jordan Farve, Kylee Baldwin, Briana Nichols, Shelby Tushka, Sam Little, Re Richardson, Raven Miller, Glendria Dixon, Cierra Morris, Dominic Ockletree, Justin Johnson, Heather Dillishaw, Alissa Tinney, Preston Stoliby, Ty Coffey, Danielle Enriquez, Robert Hichter, Allen Delgado, Christian Reeves, McGavyne LoneElk, Austin Henry and Jude Rankin

Hartshorne GEAR UP sophomores Alexis Lyons and Tequanna PoorBear take a selfie with Governor Fallin’s bronze sculpture.

Jackie Richards, Summer John, Jazlynn Lewis and Tequanna PoorBear pose with the bronze sculpture of Oklahoma’s first governor, Governor Charles Haskell.

Hartshorne sophomores wait outside the Oklahoma Supreme Courtroom. Pictured are Preston Stoliby, Desirae Dawson, Jackie Richards, Jazlynn Lewis, Jude Rankin, Allen Delgado, Sydney Thomas, Kaylob Tranel, Aubrey Russell, Justin Johnson, Sam Little, Caynon Bailey–Morgan and Robert Nichter.

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