Hartshorne GEAR UP seniors tour Southeastern Oklahoma State University


WILBURTON, OK (May 5, 2017) – Thirty-four Hartshorne High School (HHS) GEAR UP students recently traveled to Durant to tour Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Students began the morning by participating in a guided tour led by SOSU recruiters Jeremy Rowland and Sheridan Burns. HHS students saw numerous buildings and learned about various programs on campus.

Students began the tour in the Student Union. Burns detailed the resources available for students in this center and students saw where they would be eating lunch later that day. The Student Union houses the Magnolia Café, Student Life office, the old gym and the Wellness Center/Nurse on campus. Students marveled at the international flags hanging from the ceiling in the Student Union that represent the numerous countries that international students are from before they came to SOSU.

Students walked through the beautiful campus to learn about the Center for Student Success. This is a valuable building for SOSU students where they meet with academic advisors to help with enrollment and choose majors and minors that would best suit their career needs. The Native American Institute office is also located in the building. Native American students have access to student mentoring, academic advisement, numerous activities and can learn about specific tribal scholarships that are available.

Students saw the Magnolia House, a beautiful home where University President Shaun Burage and his family live. As they made their way across campus to the Administration Building, students learned about offices housed here such as Financial Aid, Scholarships, and the Registrar. Next to the Administration Building students toured the inside of the Henry G. Bennett Memorial Library. The library has five floors of resources including computers with printers and books/periodicals for students to check out. Students can also rent textbooks for up to two hours at a time and attend organizational meetings, such as the Book Club.

The Science Building houses numerous classes such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics but they also have a unique addition. SOSU is one of four universities in Oklahoma that has a Cadaver lab for students to study the human body. HHS students made their way past the Fine Arts Building and The Russell Building, which houses the John Massey School of Business as they walked back through the Student Union.

Students were excited to see the football stadium on the way to the newly built Bloomer Sullivan Arena which houses the basketball program and gym. This is a huge facility where the Savage Storm hosts basketball games, as well as concerts and community events like college/career fairs. Last stop on the tour was Shearer Hall, a newly-built resident hall for SOSU students. The apartment-style rooms each had a kitchen area, living room, four private bedrooms and two bathrooms. Wi-Fi is available everywhere on campus and there were cable hookups in the living room area.

The field trip was sponsored by Eastern Oklahoma State College GEAR UP. Participating schools take two field trips each academic year—one to tour a college or university and one that is cultural/educational in nature.

Hartshorne High School seniors start the tour of SOSU in the Student Union. HHS seniors Mika Sam, Shoshanah Hardy, Marley Black, Scotlin Rizor, Kanani Watashe, Mariel Sam, Serena Santos, Mason Angst, Mathew Dawson and Jackson Porter listen as SOSU tour guide Sheridan Burns begins the tour.

HHS students listen as tour guide Sheridan Burns discuss the layout of SOSU’s campus. Pictured are: Wyatt Corum, Mariel Sam, Nathan Ranallo, Jawaski Johnson, Camden Coleman, Shyann Hill, NaShay Alexander, Marcus O’Daniel, Kelly Lott, Kyle Brown, James Phillips and Elizabeth Wilson.

Hartshorne GEAR UP seniors listen to the recruiters as the SOSU campus tour begins. Pictured are: Front Row: NaShay Alexander, Marcus O’Daniel, Kelly Lott and Hailey Braswell. Second Row: Elizabeth Wilson, James Phillips and Tanner Henry. Third Row: Kyle Brown and Mathew Dawson. Forth Row: Marley Black, Mariel Sam, Kanani Watashe and Serena Santos. Back Row: Wyatt Corum, Nathan Ranallo, Tucker Capps, Jackson Porter and Mika Sam.

Hartshorne senior Adam Lovenburg poses next to the Savage Storm mascot inside the Henry G. Bennett Library. Adam plans to attend SOSU and play in the University Band.

HHS senior Marcus O’Daniel poses next to the Savage Storm mascot inside the Henry G. Bennett Library. Marcus plans to attend SOSU and play in the University Band.

Seniors Adam Lovenburg and Marcus O’Daniel stop for a quick pic outside the Fine Arts Building. Both students have been accepted to SOSU and plan to play in band at the University.

Hartshorne seniors get an inside look at the Bloomer Sullivan Arena where the Savage Storm men’s and women’s basketball teams play at SOSU. Pictured are Romeo Farve, Mathew Dawson, Dillon Wilkett, Shyann Hill, Adam Lovenburg, NaShay Alexander, Marcus O’Daniel, Kelly Lott, Nathan Ranallo, Haven Bailey-Morgan, Wyatt Corum, Harley Brown, Josh Brown, Camden Coleman, James Phillips, Elizabeth Wilson, Serena Santos, Marley Black, Kanani Watashe, Mariel Sam, Ashton Livingston, Tanner Henry, Mika Sam and Shoshanah Hardey.

HHS students listen as SOSU recruiters discuss admissions at the university. Pictured are: Front Row: Marcus O’Daniel, Kelly Lott, Adam Lovenburg, Wyatt Corum, Tanner Henry and Mathew Dawson. Second Row: Hailey Braswell, Tucker Capps and Elizabeth Wilson. Back Row: Kyle Brown, Josh Brown and Nathan Ranallo.

Students tour inside the Henry G. Bennett Memorial Library as Recruiter Sheridan Burns discussed the resources available on campus for students. Pictured are: Front Row: NaShay Alexander, Shyann Hill, Ashton Livingston, Dillon Wilkett, Kelly Lott, Marcus O’Daniel and Hailey Braswell. Second Row: Mathew Dawson, Josh Brown, Jawaski Johnson, Camden Coleman. Back Row: Mariel Sam and Kanani Watashe.

Students meet in the old gym to discuss the admission process. Pictured are: Front Row: Mariella Chatkehoodle, Marley Black, Kanani Watashe and Scotlin Rizor. Second Row: Dillon Wilket, Mika Sam, Serena Santos and Mariel Sam. Back Row: Romeo Farve, Haven Bailey-Morgan, Harley Brown, NaShay Alexander and Shyann Hill.

Hartshorne seniors Tanner Henry, Mika Sam and Shoshanah Hardy wait in the Student Union after lunch in the Magnolia Café.

Hartshorne seniors gather for a group shot outside the SOSU Student Union. Pictured are: Front Row: Haven Bailey-Morgan, NaShay Alexander, Harley Brown, Marcus O’Daniel, Kelly Lott, Kanani Watashe and Marley Black. Second Row: Ashton Livingston, Elizabeth Wilson, James Phillips, Adam Lovenburg, Camden Coleman, Kyle Brown, Scotlin Rizor and Serena Santos. Third Row: Mariel Sam, Araceli Ortiz, Nathan Ranallo, Hailey Braswell, Mathew Dawson and Jawaski Johnson. Fourth Row: Tanner Henry, Mariella Chatkehoodle, Adanya Sewell, Wyatt Corum, Jackson Porter, Josh Brown, Tucker Capps, Romeo Farve and Dillon Wilkett. Fifth Row: Mason Angst. Back Row: Kanani Watashe and Shoshanah Hardy.

Hartshorne GEAR UP seniors Araceli Ortiz, Adanya Sewell and Mariella Chatkehoodle stop for a quick pic in front of the trophy case in the Bloomer Sullivan Arena.

Hartshorne seniors Elizabeth Wilson, Mason Angst and James Phillips wait in the common area inside Shearer Hall dorms on SOSU campus.

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