Haileyville GEAR UP students visit the University of Arkansas at Ft. Smith


WILBURTON, OK (Oct. 28, 2015) – As many students were settling in for their third period class, sophomores and juniors from Haileyville were visiting one of the most acclaimed college campus, the University of Arkansas Fort Smith. The 170 acre campus of UAFS has been recognized as one of the cleanest, safest, and most beautiful campuses in the nation by such groups as the Arbor Day Foundation, American in Bloom, and the Professional Grounds Management Society.

Throughout the tour, Haileyville students learned interesting and useful tidbits of information designed to entice them to embark on their college studies at UAFS. The UAFS will not charge out-of-state tuition for Oklahoma residents. Add the availability of scholarships monies offered to students and the University of Arkansas Fort Smith quickly becomes an economical possibility as students segue from high school into the world of work awaiting them.

Students caught a glimpse of college life as they toured the tree–lined campus, stopping at landmarks along the way including the Smith-Pendergraft Campus Center. Many campus administrators are housed in the Center as well as the welcome center, student dining food court and the campus bookstore. Students walked under the shadow of the Clock Tower, the central point of the campus.

The Borenham Library impressed the students with its vast array of offerings made available to students to aid in their studies. The Health Sciences Department is inside the Pendergraft Health Sciences building and offers limited medical services to the students at UAFS including medical, first aid, dental, and counseling.

UAFS offers residential living for all students, although it is not required for all students to live on campus. Students visited The Lion’s Den Residence Hall where room were spacious and modern. The Lion’s Den also offered students a central lobby with a kitchenette and television with movie privileges. Students were impressed with the laundry washers and dryers that send texts messages to students when their washer or dryer is finished. Attached to the residence hall is the Lion’s Den Cafeteria.

Crossing Kinkead Avenue, students were treated with a quick glimpse of the state of the art Windgate Art and Design Center. The Center is equipped with the newest technology available to students who choose to study not only traditional art courses, but computer graphics and printing.

The tour concluded with Haileyville students returning to the Lion’s Den Dining Hall where they were allowed to choose pizza, sandwiches, hamburgers, salad and soup bar, and hot, freshly cooked entrees.

Front Row: Nathan Battles, Wesley Smith, Jessica Gibson; Katelyn Blocks, Ashton Sockey, Matt Bruner, Ieesha Suter, Corbin Dawson, Jerry Beauchamp, Bryce Dawson, Joe Menees, Holli Vermillion, Emily Turman, Kaliyah Ledbetter, and Sonny Botts. Back Row: Brandi Moore, Macey Peterson, Will Copeland, Madeline Camp, Cassidy Casebier, Aubrey Champion, Tristan Bolt, Jady Gorden, Faith Russell, Claudia Beall, Keifer Holloway, James Labor, Kane Bedford, Josh Jackson, Donald Russell, Hannah Manning, Hannah Cooper, Joe Bueno, Ethan Sartin, and Breanna Fry.

GEAR UP students Kane Bedford, Joe Menees, Jady Gorden, and Kaliyah Ledbetter pause in front of the UAFS Bookstore as the UAFS Ambassador explains many of the services offered to the students through the offices housed in the Smith-Pendergraft Campus Center.

The UAFS Ambassador tells Haileyville students about The Lion’s Den Residential Living Hall. It offers students all the comforts of home including lobbies where they can congregate and watch tv or play movies. Pictured are Brandi Moore, Kaliyah Ledgetter, and Macey Petterson.

While visiting the Pendergraft Health Sciences Building, Haileyville students learn about the areas of study related to the medical field available at UAFS as well as the different medical services offered to students.

Haileyville High School students assemble on the steps of the new Windgate Art and Design Building as they tour the state of the art facility. Pictured are Kane Bedford, Tristan Bolt, Cassidy Casebier, Joe Menees, Bryce Dawson, Jady Gorden, Jessica Gibson, Katelyn Blocks, Ashton Sockey, and Claudia Beall.

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