Haileyville GEAR UP students tour Oklahoma State University


WILBURTON, OK (Dec. 13, 2016) – “Been there, done that!” That’s what 39 Haileyville GEAR UP students can say after traveling to Stillwater to tour “The Home of the Brightest Orange,” Oklahoma State University.

Students experienced the hustle and bustle of the OSU Student Union as they ate lunch alongside current OSU students. The Student Union Food Court offered ten choices for their dining pleasure.

Campus Visits & Events Specialist Becca Lasich introduced OSU student Cody Dean. Dean, a junior majoring in Agriculture, led the students on the tour and answered questions about campus life.

As Haileyville students exited the Student Union, they passed the Scholarships & Financial Aid office as well as other administrative offices. Students were guided to the Edmon Low Library. The Library is both the literal and figurative center of the campus. The elegant structure has been the academic symbol of the University since it was built in 1953. Today the Library continues to be central to student research, study and learning. Its collections and services support faculty research and teaching. Throughout the day, students flow in and out of the Library taking advantage of time between classes to study, check class assignments online, read online news sources and email friends and family.

OSU sophomore Cidney McMurtrey, a Strategic Communications major, joined the tour and explained, “The Library is a favorite place on campus to hang out with friends. It overlooks a beautiful courtyard. The view is particularly spectacular after dark when the lights come on and the orange water flows from the fountains.”

Tour guide Sydney Bahr, an OSU sophomore majoring in marketing, explained, “The library operates a little differently than a standard library. There are five floors to accommodate students. The first level is the most crowded and the noisiest. The second floor is for those who need to study, but can do so with a normal level of noise in a public place. The third level is quieter and so on. The fifth floor is a “no noise” environment.

Next students were able to view residential life on the OSU campus. Students saw rooms belonging to current students—ranging from dormitory style to a suite. The Haileyville students particularly enjoyed this portion of the tour.

Bahr showed the students the new “Commons West” dormitories which were only completed and move in ready at the beginning of 2015–2016 academic year. They include four different buildings, four levels high. The four buildings face each other and overlook the new Commons West courtyard. Each floor has four large bathrooms and four large lounge areas with a small kitchenette. Each Commons West building has a main full kitchen on the bottom floor.

The last destination on the tour was the Colvin Recreation Center, the home for physical education, intramural sports, varsity swimming, and open recreation activities. The facility serves as OSU’s fitness center as well. The students were amazed as they walked around the spacious three floors of the gym. The center offers a padded walking surface that runs throughout the building, swimming pools, and just about any kind of cardio equipment. There were rooms for racquetball, virtual physical gaming in sports like golf & bowling, and weight rooms of various kinds. Many classes are also offered including Spinning classes and Pilates. There is even a rock wall for climbing.

“The rock wall is at an additional cost,” explained Bahr. “All other services are free of charge to OSU students.”

As the GEAR UP students boarded the bus to return to Haileyville, they thanked the tour guides and said it was one of the favorite college campuses they have visited.

“It was a great tour,” said GEAR UP Education Coordinator Tina McMurtrey. “Students were able to get a feel for life as a college student on the campus of one of the state’s top Universities.”

The field trip was sponsored by Eastern Oklahoma State College GEAR UP. Participating schools take two field trips each academic year—one to tour a college or university and one that is cultural/educational in nature.

Haileyville GEAR UP students gather in front of the Oklahoma State University’s newest housing area, Commons West. Pictured are: Front Row: Claudia Beall, Hannah Manning, Tristan Bolt, Jady Gorden, Katelyn Blocks, Madeline Camp, Faith Russell, Thomas Greene, Ieesha Suter, Kiara Covey, Summer Meyer, Wesley Smith, Holli Vermillion, Tyler Morgan and Sonny Botts, Back row: Bryce Dawson, James Labor, Jerry Beauchamp II, Matt Bruner, Kaylynn Crawley, Don Russell, Hannah Cooper, Kaliyah Ledbetter, Brandi Moore, Jady Gorden, Jessica Gibson, Corbin Dawson, Will Copeland and Nathan Battles.

GEAR UP students visited the Edmon Low Library during their recent walking tour of OSU. Pictured are: Front Row: Madeline Camp, Ieesha Suter and Katelyn Blocks, Second Row: Seth Davidson, Kane Bedford, Will Copeland, Jessica Gibson, Don Russell, Jerry Beauchamp II, James Labor, Thomas Greene, Claudia Beall, Hannah Manning, Matt Bruner, Aubrey Champion and Hannah Cooper, Third Row: Heaven Lawrence, Nathan Battles, Sonny Botts, Corbin Dawson, Holli Vermillion, Tyler Morgan, Summer Meyer, Stacy Riley, Kaliyah Ledbetter, Bryce Dawson, Kaylynn Crawley, Tristan Bolt, Jady Gorden, Brandi Moore, Wesley Smith, Faith Russell and Kiara Covey.

Haileyville GEAR UP students listen closely as OSU junior and student tour guide Chris Dean talks about the Student Union. Pictured are: Front Row: Kiara Covey, Thomas Greene, Claudia Beall, Hannah Cooper, Kaliyah Ledbetter, Ieesha Suter, Stacy Riley and Summer Meyer, Back Row: Jady Gorden, Aubrey Champion, Matt Bruner, Madeline Camp, Faith Russell, Heaven Lawrence and Tyler Morgan.

Haileyville GEAR UP students prepare to enter the Edmon Low Library building. Pictured are: Front Row: Jerry Beauchamp II, James Labor, Brandi - Morris, Kiara Covey and Kane Bedford, Second Row: Tristan Bolt, Aubrey Champion, Stacy Riley, Kaliyah Ledbetter, Summer Meyer, Will Copeland and Sonny Botts, Back Row: Jady Gorden, Jessica Gibson, Hannah Cooper, Madeline Camp, Katelyn Blocks, Holli Vermillion, Faith Russell, Brandi Moore, Wesley Smith and Kaylynn Crawley.

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