EOSC Farm concludes 2017 Forage-Based Meat Goat Buck Test with Field Day


WILBURTON, OK (Oct. 5, 2017) – Eastern Oklahoma State College and the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service recently conducted the 2017 Oklahoma Forage-Based Meat Goat Buck Test. This is the fifth year Eastern has hosted this event.

The objective of the test is to identify individual bucks, as well as their sires and dams, which carry genetics expressing desirable traits in commercial meat goat production. The test also allows producers to compare genetics within their herd to make better management decisions as to herd lines that will produce profitable offspring for future herds. Weights, FAMACHA scores and fecal egg counts of the 53 head of goats entered were taken on a regular basis throughout the test.

The test concluded with a Field Day and awards ceremony Sept. 29. Participants from across Oklahoma and 13 other states came to the Wilburton campus to learn how their bucks performed during the 80-day test that began July 7. In addition to naming the Top Herdsman Grand Champion and Top Herdsman Reserve Grand Champion, plaques and certificates were awarded in a variety of categories.

For his goat having the highest average daily weight gain (ADG) at .313 pounds, Randy Yoder of Georgia won Champion ADG. Reserve Champion ADG was presented to Matthew and Jennifer Cantrell of Kansas. Their goat gained an average of .269 pounds per day during the test.

Producers of the goats with the lowest fecal egg counts (FEC) were also recognized. John Weber of Illinois and Dwight Elmore of Kansas were both named Co-Champion FEC as their goats tied at 41.67. Patricia Larr of Indiana and Aaron Perkins of Oklahoma were named Co-Reserve Champion FEC. Both produces’ goats tied for second place at 58.33.

For his buck averaging the highest ADG and the lowest FEC, Randy Yoder was also named Top Herdsman Grand Champion. Coming in overall second place, Matthew and Jennifer Cantrell were also named Top Herdsman Reserve Grand Champion. Both Yoder and the Cantrell’s were presented with champion certificates and ribbons.

Please visit eosc.edu/goatbucktest for more information about the test including entry requirements and test protocol.

Meat goat producers Matthew and Jennifer Cantrell were named Reserve Grand Champion ADG for their goat having the second highest average daily weight gain during the 2017 Oklahoma Forage-Based Meat Goat Buck Test.

Producer Dwight Elmore was named Co-Grand Champion FEC for his goat tying for first place with the lowest fecal egg count during the Test.

The Cantrell’s were also named Top Herdsman Reserve Grand Champion for their buck averaging the second highest ADG and second lowest FEC during the Test.

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