Eastern’s GEAR UP team completes First Aid/CPR/AED Training


WILBURTON, OK (June 5, 2017) – Members of Eastern’s GEAR UP team prepared for the upcoming 2017 summer camp by participating in an American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation workshop. Presented by GEAR UP Professional Development Coordinator and Red Cross Certified Trainer John Spiegel, the group spent the morning learning what to do in case of emergencies.

“It was great,” said GEAR UP Education Coordinator Tara Stevens. “We learned how to size up the scene, steps to take when necessary and the care to give as needed.”

Spiegel explained the Good Samaritan Laws and how important it is to always ask for consent. Safety procedures were discussed including how to protect yourself by wearing gloves & masks, using wipes, being aware of dangerous situations and washing your hands.

Participants learned to perform CPR on adults and infants, how to help someone who is choking, and how to use an AED. They also learned to recognize symptoms of heart attack, shock, diabetic emergencies, and seizures and what to do in case of those emergencies. Care for bleeding and burn victims was also discussed.

“This was good information,” said Education Coordinator Dara Self. “I knew a lot of it already, but it’s always good to review.”

Heat– and cold–related emergencies and the treatment for concussions were discussed.

“John did a great job of teaching us how to recognize an emergency situation and provide care when necessary,” said GEAR UP Project Director Linda Morgan. “He’s available to help our partner school personnel and students, but it was great to have him share his expertise with the team.”

Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) is a federal grant program designed to meet the needs of low–income, underserved, and underrepresented students in geographically–isolated, rural schools in six southeastern Oklahoma counties. Eastern was awarded $12.6 million grant over a seven–year period to serve a cohort of students in 30 partner schools. Eastern is entering its seventh year of the grant.

GEAR UP Education Coordinator Shawna Smith provides CPR during First Aid/CPR/AED training.

GEAR UP Education Coordinators LaDonna Baldwin & Rachael Ranallo practice CPR/AED procedures during First Aid/CPR/AED training.

GEAR UP Education Coordinator Natalie Kennedy ensures GEAR UP Project Director Linda Morgan administers CPR correctly during First Aid/CPR/AED training.

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