Eastern TRiO program a top-five finalist in nationwide video competition


WILBURTON, OK (July 2, 2018) – Eastern Oklahoma State College’s TRiO program recently earned top-five honors in a nationwide video competition celebrating the program’s 50th anniversary. Eastern is the only community college to progress to the final round of judging.

In a joint effort with students and staff, Eastern’s program produced the video to highlight its impact on the institution and community.

TRiO personnel rewrote the lyrics to Meghan Trainor’s popular song “All About that Bass” and the video features support staff and Eastern students singing their version—“All about Those Grades.” The content and production of Eastern’s film earned it its current ranking.

Now, the program is seeking ‘likes’ on YouTube to claim the victory. Although spreading the word on all social media is supportive, only YouTube ‘likes’ will count. Eastern faces competition from California State University-Dominguez Hills, California State University-Long Beach, Miami Dade College and Texas Christian University.

TRiO programs are federal outreach services designed to provide support to individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. Eastern has ensured the continuation of its grant program since 1998 and a majority of Eastern students meet the qualifications.

Producers of the winning video will receive complimentary lodging and travel for students to attend the Council for Opportunity in Education’s annual conference in New York City where they will be recognized.

Please see the link below to cast your vote. Voting is open now through Friday, July 6. 

TRiO Program 50th Anniversary Video

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