Eastern Theatre graduate set to make New Orleans show debut


Zach Olinger
WILBURTON, OK (Sept. 10, 2014) – Former Eastern Oklahoma State College graduate Zach Olinger is set to make his debut in the University of New Orleans’ production of “Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo.”

Olinger, of Checotah, received one of the five male roles available in the play. He will be acting as the character Uday Hussein, the eldest son of former Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein. Olinger played several roles during his time at Eastern, including Ken from “Rumors,” Constantine from “Big Love,” and Judge Brack in “Hedda Gabler.”

“Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo” is about a tiger that walks the streets of present day Baghdad seeking the answers to life. As the tiger witnesses the atrocities and violence of war, it encounters Americans and Iraqis seeking friendship and more peaceful situations.

“We’re super excited about Zach getting cast,” said Sarah Klocke, a theater instructor at Eastern. “We couldn’t be more proud.”

The play will be UNO’s entry to the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival this semester. The KCACTF involves more than 18,000 students nationwide. “Bengal Tiger” is set to have its first showing Oct. 2-12 at UNO.

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