Eastern awards degrees to Class of 2017


WILBURTON, OK (May 18, 2017) – During the past academic year, 260 area students earned their degree or certificate from Eastern Oklahoma State College.

Eastern’s 2017 graduates included 124 students who earned an associate of arts degree, 72 who earned an associate of science degree, 52 who earned an associate of applied science degree and 12 who earned one-year certificates of mastery.

The 2017 graduates listed by county include:


Atoka County
Shaye L. Angel, Atoka - (A.S.) Business Administration
Ryan Shane Broughton, Atoka - (A.S.) Agriculture Education
Meagan L. Rains, Atoka - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Cassidy Spradlin, Atoka - (A.S.) Agriculture Education

Beckham County
Brock Carter, Carter - (A.A.) General Studies

Choctaw County
Courtney Brooke Hamill, Hugo - (A.A.) General Studies
Victoria D. Matthesen, Hugo - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Winona D. Rickman, Soper - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology
Tesa K. Pitt, Spencerville - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology

Cleveland County
Celyna M. Dollack, Norman - (A.A.) General Studies

Haskell County
Zana G. Johnson, Kinta - (A.A.) Music
Paula Diane Lynch, Kinta - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology
Savanna Lovell, McCurtain - (A.A.) General Studies
Logan M. Shimp, McCurtain - (A.S.) Wildlife Ecology
Kyle L. McKinney, Stigler - (A.S.) Criminal Justice COP

Latimer County
Wesley Austin Corcoran, Panola - (A.S.) Business Administration
Jordan Paige Campagna, Red Oak - (A.S.) Business Administration
Bailee Nicole Davis, Red Oak - (A.S.) Business Administration
Pamela R. Holly, Red Oak - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology
Christine R. Sockey, Red Oak - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Jillian White, Red Oak - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Michelle L. Boddy, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Amber R. Deela, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies
Shelbie N. Fields, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Ashley Haney, Wilburton - (A.S.) Criminal Justice
Amanda E. Hawthorne, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies
Krystal Rose Holbrook, Wilburton - (A.S.) Horticulture
Jessica M. Hood, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies
Ricky D. Jiles, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Meat Processing & Food Safety
Rebecca J. Johnson, Wilburton - (A.A.) Pre Elementary Education
Laurin Rochelle Kelly, Wilburton - (A.A.) Mass Communication
Katie Kirk-Patrick, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies
Zane L. Nowlin, Wilburton - (A.S.) Forestry
Velvet Spring O'Hair, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Victoria L. Perrigo, Wilburton - (A.S.) Agriculture Economics
Selene N. Roberts, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies
Colton E. Shrum, Wilburton - (A.S.) Criminal Justice COP
Sabrina L. Stanford, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies
Hunter Stewart, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies
Christopher A. Taylor, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies
Djulinda Then, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Nursing and (A.A.) General Studies
Dakota Wilson, Wilburton - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology
Angela Wise, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Clayton S. Wynn, Wilburton - (A.S.) Criminal Justice COP

LeFlore County
Clara Brown, Heavener - (A.S.) Wildlife Ecology
Charline D. Hice, Heavener - (A.A.) Music
Nicholos Martindale, Howe - (A.A.) Music
Hailey Bunch, Pocola - (A.A.) General Studies
Christopher J. Fisher, Spiro - (A.S.) Horticulture
Camie D. Ashalintubbi, Talihina - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Chad A. Goggans, Talihina - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Christie A. Goggans, Talihina - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Jason M. Hagelberger, Talihina - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Jamie L. Nix, Talihina - (A.S.) Business Administration
Frederick E. Norman III, Talihina - (A.S.) Forestry

Lincoln County
Jess L Tolleson, Prague - (A.A.S.) Meat Processing & Food Safety

McCurtain County
Lauren Taylor Dial, Battiest - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Sarah A. Hodge, Bethel - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Cindy R. Batchelor, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Criminal Justice
Joyce M. Beggs, Broken Bow - (A.A.) Child Development
Elizabeth K. Carrell, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Life Science
Linda D. Choate, Broken Bow - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Zendre C. RaQuitta Crutchfield, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Criminal Justice
Jared V. Engler, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Animal Science
Crystal B. Foshee, Broken Bow - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Micah Frazier, Broken Bow - (A.A.) General Studies
Alex J. Froslie, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Animal Science
Katy L. Furneaux, Broken Bow - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology
Valarie Y. Gentry, Broken Bow - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Lynelle Gordon, Broken Bow - (A.A.) General Studies
Laura A. Hardaway, Broken Bow - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Zanna McCune, Broken Bow - Child Development Certificate
Wyatt D. Oakes, Broken Bow - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Natalie Marie Pierce, Broken Bow - (A.A.) Child Development
Ashley Lucinda Porton, Broken Bow - (A.A.) General Studies and (A.A.S.) Administrative Office Technology
Cynthia Rose Raub, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Business Administration
Amanda Roberts, Broken Bow - (A.A.) General Studies
Christopher W. Standridge, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Agriculture Education
Kayla D. Stevenson, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Business Administration
Coltan Lace Swift, Broken Bow - (A.A.) General Studies
Ladonna Ann Ward, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Business Administration
Nevada Williams, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Business Administration
Taryn N. Creasman, Garvin - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology
Kristopher Payton Hamilton, Garvin - (A.A.) General Studies
Makayla Denise Farley, Haworth - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Pamela A. Paredes, Haworth - (A.A.) General Studies and Child Development Certificate
Tommy A. Allen, Idabel - (A.A.) General Studies
Tamra G. Beck, Idabel - (A.S.) Criminal Justice
Kayla Marie Bell, Idabel - (A.A.) Child Development
Miranda S. Gonzalez, Idabel - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Ryan G. Hemm, Idabel - (A.A.) General Studies
Colton K. Leffel, Idabel - (A.A.) General Studies
Misty Dawn Ramos, Idabel - (A.A.) Child Development and Child Development Certificate
Amy Leanne Tucker, Idabel - Child Development Certificate
Mary Weathers, Idabel - Child Development Certificate
Fredrick Holmes, Smithville - (A.A.S.) Meat Processing & Food Safety
Telisa Blundell, Valliant - (A.A.) General Studies
Kendra Mixer Cody, Valliant - (A.A.) General Studies
Kandis P. Hudson, Valliant - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Allison McDaniel, Valliant - (A.A.) Child Development
Charlotte R. Trusty, Valliant - (A.A.S.) Administrative Office Technology Medical
Stacy L. McLemore, Watson - (A.A.) General Studies
Jessica L. Jamison, Wright City - (A.A.) Child Development

McIntosh County
Haley Nicole Atwood, Eufaula - (A.A.) General Studies
Summer N. Martin, Eufaula - (A.S.) Business Administration
Carmen M. Soriano, Eufaula - (A.S.) Business Administration
Katie S. Thompson, Eufaula - (A.S.) Physical Science
Winter R. Wolfe, Eufaula - (A.A.) General Studies
Krystal A. Woods, Eufaula - (A.S.) Business Administration

Muskogee County
Shay D. Hoog, Muskogee -.(A.S.) Forestry
Mary A. Barnard, Wainwright - (A.A.S.) Meat Processing & Food Safety

Oklahoma County
Alberto Ricky Ramirez, Edmond - (A.S.) Business Administration
Draven Gabriel Perales, Oklahoma City - (A.A.S.) Forest Technology

Payne County
Jessica B. Howard, Perkins - (A.S.) Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Justin Ford, Stillwater - (A.S.) Forestry

Pittsburg County
Britni Jo Clark, Alderson - (A.S.) Business Administration
Marty G. Zachry, Alderson - (A.A.) General Studies
Jacob J. Kelley, Canadian - (A.A.) General Studies
Chelseana O'Leary, Canadian - (A.A.) General Studies
Danna E. Poirot, Canadian - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Mark A. Lay, Crowder - (A.A.) General Studies
Kayla Beauchamp, Haileyville - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology
Priscilla S. Kirkes, Haileyville - (A.S.) Business Administration
Rachel Baker, Hartshorne - (A.A.) General Studies
Vincent Dale Baker, Hartshorne - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology
Katie Carlton, Hartshorne - (A.A.) General Studies
Seirra Flores, Hartshorne - Child Development Certificate
Mackenzie E. Holt, Hartshorne - (A.A.) General Studies
Thommi Brooke Irish, Hartshorne - Child Development Certificate
Emily Jackson, Hartshorne - (A.A.) General Studies
April Renee Mackey, Hartshorne - (A.A.) Enterprise Development
Jared Morgan, Hartshorne - (A.S.) Environmental Science
Paige Danielle Sparks, Hartshorne - (A.A.) General Studies
Whitney Ward, Hartshorne - (A.A.) General Studies, (A.A.) Child Development, and Child Development Certificate
Alexis R Goodwill, Indianola - (A.A.) General Studies
Preston Wyatt Hubbard, Indianola - (A.A.) Mass Communications
Shanna Smith, Indianola - Child Development Certificate
Sarah C. Hall, Kiowa - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Sherry R. Pierce, Kiowa - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Jadyn Wills, Kiowa - (A.A.) General Studies
Claudia L. Keith, Krebs - (A.A.S.) Administrative Office Technology Medical
Abbie Abercrombie, McAlester - A.A.) Child Development
Shelby L. Adkins, McAlester - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology
Lindsy Alexander, McAlester - (A.A.) History and Political Science
Raven B. Allen, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
Jordan L. Armstrong, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Joshua Barnes, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
Miranda L. Barnes, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration
Zachary Baugh, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
Alyshia A. Byington, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration
Dakotah Cassell, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
Charli Conrad, McAlester - Child Development Certificate
Lexen B. Cook, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
Yolanda Davis, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration
Ginger Dees-Whala, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
Haley Victoria Duff, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
Cheyenne S. Eller, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
Brittany A. Elliott, McAlester - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology
Rachel C. Fields, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
Lea Giaudrone, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
Austin Keith Graham, McAlester - (A.A.) Speech and Drama
Connie J. Grantham, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Jordan Alexandra Hamilton, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Jenilee Herrick, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
Regina Hilburn, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration
Brett Homer, McAlester - (A.S.) Mathematics
Whitney J. Hull, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Emley Jacob, McAlester - (A.S.) Mathematics
Christy L. Kirkland, McAlester - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology
Ruth Jesusita Lawson, McAlester - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology
Cody Lyles, McAlester - (A.S.) Criminal Justice
Michelle D. McNutt, McAlester - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology
Amanda M. Melton, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Bailee M. Metcalf, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
Savannah Rae Mitchell, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Jonathan T. Mullins, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
Sarah E. Newell, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
Sara K. Perry, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
William B. Picotte, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
LaMaur D. Price, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration
Christe J. Quick, McAlester - (A.S.) Criminal Justice
Lauren K. Ragan, McAlester - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology
Casey M. Remedi, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
Angelo R. Rivers II, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
Bryan C. Russell, McAlester - (A.S.) Computer Information Systems
Kathy Scifres, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Child Development
Stephen D. Shropshire, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
Ashlee Skidmore, McAlester - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology
Brice Smith, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
Lauren A. Smith, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Morgan E. Smith, McAlester - (A.S.) Animal Science
Michael P. Stizza, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
Eduardo Suarez, McAlester - (A.S.) Mathematics
Amanda L. Ward, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
Andrea Jenée Weaver, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration
Callie Lanette Woolsey, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies
Kelsey E. Crawford, Quinton - (A.A.) General Studies
Kameron L. Dugan, Quinton - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Blayne A. Heath, Quinton - (A.S.) Business Administration
Steven Jean, Quinton - (A.S.) Life Science
Alexa Meshale Miller, Quinton - (A.A.) General Studies
Samuel Lee Simco, Quinton - (A.S.) Physical Science
Hailey Dawn Spears, Quinton - (A.A.) General Studies
Trevor McBane, Savanna - (A.A.) General Studies
Anthony M. Richison Jr, Savanna - (A.S.) Criminal Justice COP
Brandon Sherwood, Savanna - (A.A.) General Studies

Ponotoc County
Hannah Horstman, Ada - (A.A.) General Studies
Austin Simpson, Ada - (A.A.) General Studies

Pottawatomi County
Hunter Fowler, Asher - (A.A.) General Studies
Caleb Scott Dubler, Wanette - (A.S.) Forestry

Pushmataha County
Cortney K. Ashlock, Antlers - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Gabrielle Renee Michelle Renteria, Antlers - (A.A.S.) Administrative Office Technology Medical and (A.A.S.) Administrative Office Technology Health Information Technology
Bonnie A. Wolfe, Antlers - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Cathy Briggs, Clayton - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Nicole M. Gilliam, Clayton - (A.S.) Life Science
Adele L. Jones, Clayton - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Darian N. Roberts, Clayton - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Charles Smallwood, Clayton - (A.A.) General Studies
Kayla L. Ward, Finley - (A.S.) Business Administration
Brittany C. Perez Vega, Moyers - (A.S.) Life Science
Monika Hamman, Nashoba - (A.A.) General Studies
Stana R. Carper, Rattan - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology

Tulsa County
Bradley Michael Smith, Tulsa - (A.A.) General Studies


Taylor Anders, Van Buren - (A.A.) General Studies
Grady H. Coleman, Fort Smith - (A.A.) General Studies


Christopher Odneal, Potter Valley - Meat Processing & Food Safety Certificate


Bryana Lyn Binkley, Jefferson City - (A.S.) Animal Science
Brett James Looten, Olean - (A.S.) Animal Science
Paul A. Shanks, Belle - (A.S.) Animal Science


Morgan Alyssa Ames, Forney - (A.S.) Life Science
Ashley Brewton, Forney - (A.A.) Psychology/Sociology
Cecilia Reyna Contreras, Richland Hills - (A.A.) General Studies
Amanda Renee Eddowes, Gainesville - (A.A.) Child Development and Child Development Certificate
Morgan Foster, The Colony - (A.S.) Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Kali R. Hedrick, Reno - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Anastasia Herskind, Grand Prairie - (A.S.) Computer Information Systems
Tammy Kelley, Maud - (A.A.) General Studies
Garrett Martin, Wichita Falls - (A.S.) Business Administration
Desireá Nykeá Lee McGinnis, Fort Worth - (A.A.) General Studies
Kaitlin Brooke Reavis, Powderly - (A.A.S.) Nursing
Andrew A. Rivera, Wichita Falls - (A.A.) General Studies
Jasmine Cree Taylor, Forney - (A.A.) General Studies
Amanda Tokunaga, Schertz - (A.A.) General Studies
To'Lishia Yea Weasah, Dallas - (A.A.) General Studies


Marcel Joseph, Nassau, Bahamas - (A.S.) Business Administration
Jhon Mareus, Nassau, Bahamas - (A.A.) General Studies
Smarlin Tavarez, Nassau, Bahamas - (A.S.) Business Administration
Lucas Almeida Name de Morais, Sao Paulo, Brazil - (A.S.) Business Administration
Danilo Crespo, Sao Paulo, Brazil - (A.S.) Business Administration
Bruno Gorga Jaeger, Santa Catarina, Brazil - (A.S.) Business Administration
Natalie Eley, Staffordshire, England - (A.S.) Health, Physical Education and Recreation
David Marshall, Glasglow, Scotland - (A.A.) General Studies

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