Atoka GEAR UP juniors tour Grayson College & The Dallas Holocaust Museum


WILBURTON, OK (May 5, 2017) – Thirty-four Atoka GEAR UP students recently traveled to Texas to tour Grayson College in Denison and the Dallas Holocaust Museum in Dallas. The tour began with an introduction and welcome to campus from Grayson College Enrollment and Academic Advisor Charles Leslie. He provided tips for them to consider during their senior year and highlighted programs offered through Grayson College. Students were divided into two groups and led by four Grayson student guides: Shalene and Charles White, Kalea Thompson and Wayne Ryon. Atoka students saw numerous buildings and learned about the various programs on campus.

Each group went a different direction but toured the entire campus. Guides led them through the Administrative Building where Enrollment, Financial Aid and Administration offices are located. Students heard about services on campus like the campus police, mail room and the Sports and Recreation Center which is free for Grayson student use with a student id. Next stop on the tour was the Student Success Center which is considered a “hub” for the labs on campus. Here students can utilize the Math Hub to get extra assistance with math homework. The Testing, Tutoring and Disability Services provides numerous resources available to those who may need special accommodations or just to make up a test. The I-Lab which is a developmental reading/writing open computer lab where students can receive extra help developing their language arts skills.

Students got an up close look at a training facility inside the Allied Health Science building. Grayson has set up simulation labs that are set up like a hospital ward with regular beds and patient simulators, a trauma center and labor and delivery room. The Nursing Program seemed to be very hands-on! This building has a Dental Assisting lab, EMT/Paramedics lab and Radiological Technology training center. This building also houses the Medical Lab Technology program at Grayson. Another interesting stop for students was in the Center for Workplace Learning. Here students saw a CAD (Computer Aided Design) class in session. Instructor Debra Boren stepped out to greet students and inform them of the programs available as well as career options, the pay scale and diversity within the programs offered.

Grayson’s Head Librarian Lisa Hebert greeted students in the Campus Library. She went over the numerous resources available in the Library such as study room, the writing lab, the over 4,000 DVDs that students can rent for free, graphic novels, textbooks on reserve, and the open computer lab with scanner, copier and printer. Upstairs from the Library students got to see some of the recreation opportunities in the Life Center. Here students can play ping-pong, billiards, foosball, video games and generally relax on comfy couches and big screen televisions. Toward the end of the tour students were led through the campus Bookstore. Sales Associate Kelly Jackson greeted students and went over the supplies in for sale and how students can use financial aid to pay for books and other items available. She really emphasized how financial aid can pick up the cost of items beyond just books.

After lunch the group traveled to the heart of downtown Dallas, TX to visit the Dallas Holocaust Museum. In this amazing center for education and tolerance students were led through an audio guided tour to learn details and events that happen to make the history of the Holocaust during WWII. After walking through the exhibit, students were treated to hear Holocaust survivor Bert Romberg speak about his experiences. Romberg was part of the Kindertransport which was a movement to get Jewish children to a safe place before the official removals started. Only 10,000 out of 1.5 million children were able to be transported and therefore, survive. He and his sister Maggie ended up in Coventry, England, where they lived until the war was over.

“It was very inspiring to hear the story of a Holocaust survivor,” said GEAR UP Education Coordinator Rachael Ranallo. “He was a strong and wise man who helped students recognize the depth of this historic event and how it shaped the future for others.”

The field trip was sponsored by Eastern Oklahoma State College GEAR UP. Participating schools take two field trips each academic year—one to tour a college or university and one that is cultural/educational in nature.

Atoka students stop for a photo at Grayson College. Pictured are: Front Row: Zane White, Jonathan Plata, Laci Heflin, Haley Gass, Darius Martinez, Clayton Heilbrun, Matthew Marlow and Kobe Copeland. Second Row: Alexander Ames, Sebastian Brooks, Kelsie Morgan, Ciara Goodson, Brylee Reasor, Stephanie Grothe, Kimberly Darling, Sarah Martin, Willie Greenwood, Shade Sheffield, Niessreen Smith and Matthew Brooks. Back Row: Danielle Granger, Keelyn Harkey, Courtney Hill, Bailey Smith, Zaine Eaves, Cole Walker, Will Sandmann, Joseph Hansen, Hunter Gass, Madison Orico, Matthew Clay, Keith Allen, Jaxson Allen and Logan Snead.

Atoka GEAR UP junior Will Sandmann poses with equipment in the Allied Health Nursing Simulation room.

Atoka junior Clayton Heilbrun checks out the equipment in the Allied Health Nursing Simulation room.

Grayson College CAD Instructor Debra Boren visits with Atoka students about the CAD program and career opportunities available while earning the degree and after graduation options. Students pictured are Alexander Ames, Keelyn Harkey, Courtney Hill, Jaxson Allen, Stephanie Grothe, Danielle Granger, Sebastian Brooks, Bailey Smith, Matthew Clay, Clayton Heilbrun and Haley Gass.

Atoka GEAR UP student listen as the Grayson College Head Librarian Lisa Hebert details the services offered in the library. Students pictured are Zane White, Keelyn Harkey, Courtney Hill, Stephanie Grothe, Danielle Granger, Sebastian Brooks, Kelsie Morgan, Brylee Reasor, Clayton Heilbrun, Haley Gass, Will Sandmann and Matthew Clay.

Grayson College Student Life Representative Todd Richard visits with students about what’s available in the Life Center. Pictured are Clayton Heilbrun, Courtney Hill, Keelyn Harkey, Bailey Smith, Danielle Granger and Zane White.

Grayson Bookstore Sales Associate Kelly Jackson gives Atoka students an overview of what’s available in the campus Bookstore and how financial aid helps to pay for needed supplies. Pictured are Grayson College Tour Guide Kalea Thompson and Atoka students Matthew Clay, Jaxon Allen, Bailey Smith, Stephanie Grothe, Sebastian Brooks and Zane White.

Atoka junior Kimberly Darling poses with the papier-mâché mannequin outside the Math Lab inside the Student Life Center.

Atoka students listen as tour guide Charles White introduces them to the Life Center on Grayson’s campus. This section of the building has a Starbucks and Veteran’s Hub where Veterans and their families can get extra support on campus and access a private lounge area with computers and printers. Students pictured are Joseph Hansen, Jonathan Plata, Ciara Goodson, Madison Orico, Shade Sheffield, Darius Martinez, Matthew Marlow, Laci Heflin and Zaine Eaves.

Students listen to Grayson tour guides Shalene and Charles White as they explain what services are available inside the Administration Building. Students pictured are Matthew Brooks, Shade Sheffield, Zaine Eaves, Laci Heflin, Niessreen Smith, Madison Orico, Hunter Gass, Cole Walker, Jonathan Plata, Joseph Hansen, Darius Martinez, Willie Greenwood and Logan Snead.

Enrollment & Academic Advisor Charles Leslie welcomes students to campus and gives them general information about college admissions as well as what Grayson has to offer that is unique from other institutions. Pictured are: Front Row: Danielle Granger, Courtney Hill, Brylee Reasor, Kelsie Morgan, Zaine Eaves, Laci Heflin, Madison Orico, Ciara Goodson, Kimberly Darling and Keith Allen. Back Row: Zane White, Keelyn Harkey, Stephanie Grothe, Jaxon Allen, Joseph Hansen, Alexander Ames, Haley Gass, Will Sandmann, Sebastian Brooks, Cole Walker and Hunter Gass.

Atoka GEAR UP students pose around the Texas Star at the Visitor’s Welcome Center just across the Oklahoma/Texas state line. Pictured are: Front Row: Bailey Smith, Will Sandmann and Joseph Hansen. Back Row: Clayton Heilbrun, Alexander Ames, Sebastian Brooks and Jaxon Allen.

Atoka students at the Texas Visitor’s Welcome Center are Clayton Heilbrun, Darius Martinez, Sebastian Brooks, Willie Greenwood, Kobe Copeland, Sarah Martin, Logan Snead, Jonathan Plata, Matthew Brooks, Alexander Ames, Danielle Granger, Madison Orico, Ciara Goodson, Bailey Smith, Will Sandmann, Hunter Gass and Cole Walker.

Atoka GEAR UP students pose around the Texas Star at the Visitor’s Welcome Center. Pictured are Shade Sheffield, Keith Allen, Kimberly Darling, Niessreen Smith, Stephanie Grothe, Kelsie Morgan, Brylee Reasor, Haley Gass, Matthew Marlow, Joseph Hansen, Keelyn Harkey, Courtney Hill, Laci Heflin, Zaine Eaves, Zane White, Jaxson Allen and Matthew Clay.

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