Area students earn degrees from Eastern Oklahoma State College


WILBURTON, OK (June 16, 2014) – During the past academic year, 300 area students earned their degree from Eastern Oklahoma State College.

Eastern’s Class of 2014 included 138 students who earned an associate of arts degree, 87 who earned an associate of science degree, 66 who earned an associate of applied science degree and 9 who earned one-year certificates of mastery.

The 2014 graduates listed by county include:


Alfalfa County
Christopher D. Horstman, Cherokee - Criminal Justice (A.S.)

Atoka County
Jacqueline Phay, Atoka - Business Administration (A.S.)

Bryan County
Brittany Henderson, Caddo - General Studies (A.A.
Rebecca Henderson, Caddo - General Studies (A.A.)
Lecie D. Murray, Caddo - Psychology and Sociology (A.A.)
Choctaw County
Christopher M. Bryant, Grant - Criminal Justice (A.S.)
Shabreka Coleman, Hugo - Psychology and Sociology (A.A.)
Tamatha A. Covington, Hugo - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Stacy N. Jacobs, Hugo - General Studies (A.A.)
Bailey J Johnson, Hugo - Animal Science (A.S.)
Kena D. McGhee, Hugo - Animal Science (A.S.)

Cleveland County
Rachel D. Manning, Moore - General Studies (A.A.)
Jordan Franks, Norman - General Studies (A.A.)

Creek County
Shane A Donaldson, Mannford - Agriculture Education (A.S.)

Custer County
Alexis Brown, Butler - General Studies (A.A.)

Haskell County
Dustin L Welch, McCurtain - Business Administration (A.S.)
Vanessa N. Bryant, Stigler - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Justin Gibson, Stigler - Criminal Justice (A.S.)
Justin Gibson, Stigler - Criminal Justice COP (A.S.)
Krista L. Smith, Stigler - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Jeffrey Wright, Stigler - General Studies (A.A.)
Zeblen Oldham, Whitefield - Environmental Science (A.S.)
Chelsea N. Ward, Whitefield - Nursing (A.A.S.)

Hughes County
Bo Mabray, Stuart - General Studies (A.A.)
Zack Mabray, Stuart - General Studies (A.A.)
Brittany J. Gilbert, Wetumka - Agricultural Communications (A.S.)

Latimer County
Stephanie M. McCann, Gowen - General Studies (A.A.)
Jessica L. Dill, Lequire - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Vinessa D. Edwards, Lequire - General Studies (A.A.)
Jason B. Witt, Panola - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Casey D Cole, Red Oak - Mathematics (A.S.)
Ronnie K Pitchford, Red Oak - Agriculture Education (A.S.)
Jordyn L Prock, Red Oak - General Studies (A.A.)
Samantha R. Querubin, Red Oak - Life Science (A.S.)
Linda Erin Adams, Wilburton - Administrative Office Technology - Executive Assistant (A.A.S.)
Brenda L Baldwin, Wilburton - Child Development (A.A.)
Miranda Coshatt, Wilburton - Psychology and Sociology (A.A.)
Jana R. Cowan, Wilburton - Meat Processing & Food Safety (A.A.S.)
Charitee D. Evans, Wilburton - Business Administration (A.S.)
Kenneth J Fairchilds, Wilburton - General Studies (A.A.) and History & Political Science (A.A.)
Jayce C. Ferguson, Wilburton - General Studies (A.A.)
Kendall Caroline Glenn, Wilburton - General Studies (A.A.)
John Gockel, Wilburton - Business Administration (A.S.)
Jeanette Gonzalez, Wilburton - Business Administration (A.S.)
Mandy L Gorham, Wilburton - General Studies (A.A.)
Jessica Green, Wilburton - General Studies (A.A.)
Russell Halford, Wilburton - Psychology and Sociology (A.A.)
Lisa Harp, Wilburton - Business Administration (A.S.)
Destanie D Hendrix, Wilburton - General Studies (A.A.)
Payton Deira Hokit, Wilburton - Psychology and Sociology (A.A.)
Kylie M. Holman, Wilburton - Criminal Justice (A.S.)
Allen J. Kendrick, Wilburton - Life Science (A.S.)
Bobby Ketcher, Wilburton - General Studies (A.A.)
Korey Evan Kinsey, Wilburton - General Studies (A.A.)
Buck Wesley Kirk, Wilburton - General Studies (A.A.)
Jayson R. Knight, Wilburton - Mass Communication (A.A.)
Drew Kirstyn Lawrence, Wilburton - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Bryce H Livingston, Wilburton - Agriculture Economics (A.S.)
Rusty Long, Wilburton - General Studies (A.A.)
Rachel E. Looper, Wilburton - Pre-Veterinary Medicine (A.S.)
Jenna Brett Mabry, Wilburton - Business Administration (A.S.)
Sandra Vanessa Ramos McCabe, Wilburton - Child Development (A.A.)
Christina M Nimrod, Wilburton - Enterprise Development - General Studies (A.S.)
Ashley Nicole Phelps, Wilburton - Administrative Office Technology - Executive Assistant (A.A.S.), Health Information Technology (A.A.S.) and Medical Assistant (A.A.S.)
Dustin Phillips, Wilburton - Mathematics (A.S.)
Aimee L Scott, Wilburton - Psychology and Sociology (A.A.)
Teresa Sellers, Wilburton - Enterprise Development (A.S.)
Whitney R Sharp, Wilburton - General Studies (A.A.)
Alexandria N Tennant-Kirkendoll, Wilburton - Criminal Justice COP (A.S.)
Terry Toland, Wilburton - Criminal Justice COP (A.S.)
London A-C Trouche, Wilburton - Mass Communication (A.A.)
Natia A Vester, Wilburton - General Studies (A.A.)
David J Welch, Wilburton - History & Political Science (A.A.)
Courtney Michelle Woods, Wilburton - Administrative Office Technology - Executive Assistant (A.A.S.), Health Information Technology (A.A.S.) and Medical Assistant (A.A.S.)

LeFlore County
Aaron William Hamby, Bokoshe - Animal Science (A.S.)
Johnross Eugene Christenberry, Cameron - Agriculture Education (A.S.)
Chera D. Trent, Howe - Life Science (A.S.)
Ivory C. Detter, Muse - Animal Science (A.S.)
Aubrey R. Mullins, Poteau - Technical Studies (A.A.S.)
Brandy D. Williams, Poteau - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Logan S. Rea, Sallisaw - Agriculture Economics (A.S.)
Nicholas M Walker, Sallisaw - General Studies (A.A.)
Deborah D Clark, Talihina - General Studies (A.A.)
Rachel Davis, Talihina - Psychology and Sociology (A.A.)
Angela L. Glendending, Talihina - General Studies (A.A.)
George Wayne Green, Talihina - Criminal Justice COP (A.S.)
Andrew J Hagelberger, Talihina - Meat Processing & Food Safety (A.A.S.)
Cecil Watson, Jr., Talihina - Criminal Justice COP (A.S.)
Kaleb G. Matthews, Wellston - General Studies (A.A.)
Kristen T. Hollan, Wister - Animal Science (A.S.)
Taylor M. O'Neal, Wister - Nursing (A.A.S.)
William Wagner, Wister - Agriculture Economics (A.S.)

McCurtain County
Vanessa Jefferson, Bethel - Child Development (A.A.)
Kyle T Buck, Borken Bow - General Studies (A.A.)
Ashlyn L. Choate, Broken Bow - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Julieta R. Johnson, Broken Bow - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Gwendly Sue Mullens, Broken Bow - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Samantha Noin, Broken Bow - Psychology and Sociology (A.A.)
Joseph Norcross, Broken Bow - Psychology and Sociology (A.A.)
A. Scott Phillips, Broken Bow - General Studies (A.A.)
Keifer D Shearer, Broken Bow - Agriculture Education (A.S.)
Kayla ReNay Stockton, Broken Bow - Psychology and Sociology (A.A.)
Jasmine Thomas, Broken Bow - General Studies (A.A.)
Miriam Villeda-Alvarez, Broken Bow - General Studies (A.A.)
Jamie Walthall, Broken Bow - Medical Laboratory Technology (A.A.S.)
Shaquoia Compton, Durant - General Studies (A.A.)
Dustin H. Leonard, Eagletown - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Misti M. Leonard, Eagletown - Nursing (A.A.S.)
George Pate, Fort Towson - General Studies (A.A.) and Psychology and Sociology (A.A.)
Chasity L Childers, Ft Towson - Business Administration (A.S.)
Amber N. Evans, Garvin - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Cody Douglas Allen, Haworth - General Studies (A.A.)
Dawn Michelle Allen, Haworth - Psychology and Sociology (A.A.)
Casey M Citty, Haworth - Animal Science (A.S.)
David Fussnecker, Haworth - Agronomy (A.S.) and Environmental Science (A.S.)
Ieyanna Q. Williams, Haworth - Mass Communication (A.A.)
Chasity Bates, Idabel - Medical Laboratory Technology (A.A.S.)
Tammy Bray, Idabel - Medical Laboratory Technology (A.A.S.)
Victor Sanjuan Felipe, Idabel - General Studies (A.A.)
Candy M Hirschi, Idabel - Business Administration (A.S.)
Valesa Jenae Jackson, Idabel - Business Administration (A.S.)
Desiree M. Smith, Idabel - General Studies (A.A.)
Kimberlee Weatherford, Idabel - Child Development (A.A.)
Tonya Brown, Millerton - Administrative Office Technology - Medical Assistant (A.A.S.)
Larry James, Millerton - Psychology and Sociology (A.A.)
Candice Dane Young, Valliant - Medical Laboratory Technology (A.A.S.)
Claisie D. Andrews, Wright City - Nursing (A.A.S.)

McIntosh County
Kalee Beezley, Eufaula - General Studies (A.A.)
Shayla Kristen Bratcher, Eufaula - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Kaylea S Buie, Eufaula - Agriculture Education (A.S.)
Brady D Colbert, Eufaula - General Studies (A.A.)
Rhonda Daniel, Eufaula - Psychology and Sociology (A.A.)
Kristin Kay Guiou, Eufaula - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Julie G. Huff, Eufaula - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Patricia A. Larson, Eufaula - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Zach J Olinger, Eufaula - Speech & Drama (A.A.)
Megan R Thorpe, Eufaula - General Studies (A.A.)
Tiffany Amber Wacaster, Eufaula - Business Administration (A.S.)

Oklahoma County
Adeshola Adebayo, Oklahoma City - General Studies (A.A.)
Chelsea D Hofegartner, Luther - Environmental Science (A.S.)
Ashley K Jones, Midwest City - General Studies (A.A.)

Pittsburg County
Taylor D Billingsley, Blanco - Life Science (A.S.)
Cameron Dismuke, Blocker - Criminal Justice COP (A.S.)
Dena M Utroska, Canadian - General Studies (A.A.)
Summar Cook, Crowder - General Studies (A.A.)
Cody J Kilgore, Crowder - Criminal Justice COP (A.S.)
Ryan A. Prater, Crowder - Life Science (A.S.)
Sarah Davidson, Haileyville - Psychology and Sociology (A.A.)
Jenny Nelson, Haileyville - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Kim Bell, Hartshorne - Business Administration (A.S.)
Rhonda Burns, Hartshorne - General Studies (A.A.)
Courtney Cohen, Hartshorne - Criminal Justice (A.S.)
Tammie M. Dugger, Hartshorne - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Patrick A Gofourth, Hartshorne - General Studies (A.A.)
Sean Austin Mass, Hartshorne - General Studies (A.A.)
Shayla Nicole Osier, Hartshorne - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Sarah Shero, Hartshorne - General Studies (A.A.)
Joshua Wilson, Hartshorne - Business Administration (A.S.)
Madyson Massad, Holdenville - Business Administration (A.S.)
Eric D. Eller, Indianola - Wildlife Ecology (A.S.)
Tyler A Hubbard, Indianola - General Studies (A.A.)
Ryan Morrison, Kiowa Forestry (A.S.)
Johnny Hart, Krebs - Criminal Justice COP (A.S.)
Patricia K Jabara-Reeves, Krebs - General Studies (A.A.)
Jacqueline Lovett, Krebs - Child Development (A.A.)
Amanda Moore, Krebs - General Studies (A.A.)
Billie J Rice, Krebs - Business Administration (A.S.)
Desirae A. Sudduth, Krebs - General Studies (A.A.)
Taryn A Tipton, Krebs - General Studies (A.A.)
James R Yocum, Krebs - General Studies (A.A.)
Turner Adam, McAlester - Physical Science (A.S.)
Kathy J Alford, McAlester - Business Administration (A.S.)
D'Andra L. Austin, McAlester - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Cheyenne D Baldwin, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
Taylor B Bell, McAlester - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Justin Biggs, McAlester - Technical Studies (A.A.S.)
Carlota M. Brandon, McAlester - Child Development (A.A.)
Misti Buckley, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
Misty Buckner, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
Courtney S. Burns, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
J.D. Champion, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
Jaymi L. Chumley, McAlester - Criminal Justice (A.S.) and Life Science (A.S.)
Branton Clark, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
Teresa M Clements, McAlester - Psychology and Sociology (A.A.)
Randi M. Coburn, McAlester - Nursing (A.A.S.)
George Conroy, McAlester - Ammunition Management & Safety (A.A.S.)
Sherri Cooper, McAlester - Enterprise Development (A.S.)
Jeanne Cuevas, McAlester - Criminal Justice COP (A.S.)
Bonnie Culpepper, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
Justin Davis, McAlester - Technical Studies (A.A.S.)
Kenneth Deatherage, McAlester - Business Administration (A.S.)
Chelsye Deaton, McAlester - Child Development (A.A.)
Kayla A Denike, McAlester - Physical Science (A.S.)
Bethany J Domingue, McAlester - Psychology and Sociology (A.A.)
Jennifer A. Epperson, McAlester - Business Administration (A.S.)
Patricia Feliciano, McAlester - Business Administration (A.S.)
Jamie K Fink, McAlester - Mass Communication (A.A.)
Kelly F Garcia, McAlester - Child Development (A.A.)
Francisco Gonzalez III, McAlester - Physical Science (A.S.)
Dakota Q Grantham, McAlester - Criminal Justice COP (A.S.)
Wilhelm Grevel, McAlester - Ammunition Management & Safety (A.A.S.)
Amanda A Harrell, McAlester - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Brittany A. Hayashi, McAlester - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Tyce A. Heddleston, McAlester - Technical Studies (A.A.S.)
Michael G. Hendrix, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
Cynthia Henry, McAlester - Ammunition Management & Safety (A.A.S.)
Jesseka N. Howell, McAlester - Criminal Justice (A.S.)
Skyler A. Iskey, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
Trista Jacques, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
Braeden Jenkins, McAlester - Business Administration (A.S.)
Tameika S. Johnson, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
Mary Jurkiewicz, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
Jillian Kennedy, McAlester - Child Development (A.A.)
Emmitt Kerby, McAlester - Criminal Justice COP (A.S.)
April M. Key, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
Courtnee Chantel King, McAlester - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Melanie R. Kirkpatrick, McAlester - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Harley N Lenox, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
Valerie Jo Dawn Shields Lenox, McAlester - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Kaycee L. Lowe, McAlester - Criminal Justice (A.S.)
Hailey J Luker, McAlester - Psychology and Sociology (A.A.)
Dalton S. Lyons, McAlester - Wildlife Ecology (A.S.)
Tyler Mason, McAlester - Criminal Justice COP (A.S.)
Ashley D. McCall, McAlester - Business Administration (A.S.)
McKenzie McClendon, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
Stacy A. Mitchell, McAlester - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Michael S Moore, McAlester - Criminal Justice (A.S.)
Tanna M Owens, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
Sara Kristine Perry, McAlester - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Amanda K. Pool, McAlester - Business Administration (A.S.)
Brett S. Porter, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
Eugenia A. Proctor, McAlester - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Dixie Ray, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
Clinton Redding, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
Bobby L Rice, McAlester - Ammunition Management & Safety (A.A.S.)
Felicia Frankie Renee Scott, McAlester - Pre-Elementary Education (A.A.)
Creda J. Shumway, McAlester - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Kenneth R. Sparks Jr., McAlester - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Codi M. Sramek, McAlester - Business Administration (A.S.)
Bristow Starkey, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
Cody Steed, McAlester - History & Political Science (A.A.)
Garrett L. Steele, McAlester - Criminal Justice COP (A.S.)
Anntuanette Sutton, McAlester - Psychology and Sociology (A.A.)
Julia K. Thomas, McAlester - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Kimberly Timmons, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
John D. Troussel, McAlester - Criminal Justice COP (A.S.)
Christina A. Underwood, McAlester - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Katherine Wagner, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
Robin R. Walker, McAlester - Child Development (A.A.)
Stanley D. Wilkinson, McAlester - Life Science (A.S.)
Katherine A Williams, McAlester - General Studies (A.A.)
Rashelle D. Williams, McAlester - Business Administration (A.S.)
Regina K. Winfrey, McAlester - Business Administration (A.S.)
Heidi C. Wooten, McAlester - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Felicia Wright, McAlester - Criminal Justice COP (A.S.)
Ashton Pierce, Pittsburg - Child Development (A.A.)
Skyla Walker, Pittsburg - General Studies (A.A.)
Amanda R Clouse, Quinton - Criminal Justice (A.S.)
Sydnie Enloe, Quinton - General Studies (A.A.)
Tiffani S Followill, Quinton - Life Science (A.S.)
Alyssa M Prince, Quinton - General Studies (A.A.)
Ty D. Strain, Quinton - Environmental Science (A.S.)
Rachel Beck, Savanna - Child Development (A.A.)
Warna K. Gibson, Stuart - General Studies (A.A.)
Amber D. Jones, Stuart - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Sonny W Scott, Stuart - Criminal Justice COP (A.S.)

Pottawatomie County
Landon Coon, Shawnee - General Studies (A.A.)

Pushmataha County

Jessica L. Allen, Antlers - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Cathy Briggs, Clayton Pre-Elementary Education (A.A.)
Roy M. Janoe, Antlers - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Demarae Marie Kirkes, Tuskahoma - Enterprise Development - General Studies (A.S.)
Trina D. Low, Antlers - General Studies (A.A.)
Christina N. Marmon, Clayton - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Tasha L. McKaughan, Nashoba - Computer Technology (A.A.S.)
Ashley S O'Neal, Antlers - Child Development (A.A.)
Bobbie G Smith, Antlers - Child Development (A.A.)
Valorie L.  Walker, Antlers - Nursing (A.A.S.)
London White, Clayton - Child Development (A.A.)

Seminole County
Chance Lee Clinton, Wewoka - Agriculture Education (A.S.)

Tulsa County
Sharron Denise Carter, Tulsa - General Studies (A.A.)
Joseph A Zurawik, Bixby - General Studies (A.A.)

Wagoner County
Chase Williams, Broken Arrow - General Studies (A.A.)

Chauncy Parker, Proctor - Business Administration (A.S.)
Brent Rhodes, Camden - Pre-Veterinary Medicine (A.S.)
Katelyn M White, Van Buren - Criminal Justice (A.S.)

Devaughn Akoon-Purcell, Orlando - General Studies (A.A.)

Daniel Tobin, Port Byron - Technical Studies (A.A.S.)

Jacob C Jones, Wichita - General Studies (A.A.)

Jola Paulette Merisca, Richmond - Psychology and Sociology (A.A.)

Tangella L Landry, Lafayette - General Studies (A.A.)

Jacob D Lawrence, Nixa - History & Political Science (A.A.)

Olivia Brown, Pearland - General Studies (A.A.)
Stacey Cruse DeRamcy, New Boston - Medical Laboratory Technology (A.A.S.)
Lacy K. Gray, Avery - Nursing (A.A.S.)
Shelly Rayann Spradling, Rockwall - Enterprise Development - General Studies (A.A.)
Rebecca Stewart, Stafford - Mathematics (A.S.)

Iman Johnson, Milwaukee - General Studies (A.A.)

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