Antlers 7th grade GEAR UP students tour the Tulsa Air and Space Museum and Planetarium


WILBURTON, OK (Nov. 26, 2018) – Antlers 7th grade GEAR UP students recently toured the Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium. The tour began at the Tulsa Air and Space as Tour Guide Don Cowrey led students aboard the museum’s MD-80 that was donated by American Airlines after 26 years of service and 39,968 flights. On board they had the “Flight Experience” which is a video presentation about space exploration and flight.

Students explored the museum and many of the hands-on exhibits that are available—the Grumman F-14A Tomcat, Rockwell Ranger 2000, Bell 47-K Helicopter, the Aeromet Aura, Space Shuttle Robotic Arm, and a Model of the Space Shuttle.

As part of their experience at the museum, students sat in airplanes, worked with robotic arms and launched a model of a space shuttle. Students saw many examples of air transportation history and flight both here in Oklahoma as well as the United States.

Students finished their time at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum with a showing at the Planetarium of “Stars.”

“The Tulsa Air and Space Museum is a wonderful place to visit for all ages,” said LaDonna Baldwin, GEAR UP Education Coordinator. “I look forward to visiting the museum with our GEAR UP students.”

The field trip was sponsored by Eastern Oklahoma State College GEAR UP. Participating schools take two field trips each academic year—one to tour a college or university and one that is cultural/educational in nature. In 2017, Eastern received a $17 million federal GEAR UP grant and will serve over 3,000 students in 39 area schools for seven years.

Antlers 7th grade GEAR UP students pose in front of the American Airlines MD-80 at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum. Pictured are: (front row, left to right) Haydn Bryant, Teresa Nester, Kimberely Sorrells, Einslee Stephenson, Abigail Cannon, Payton Wolfe, Matthew Brame, Mackenzie Elliott, Tristen Townsend, Kailey Moon, Mya Thomas, Angel Cooley, (row 2) Jayden Kellogg, Sarah Brown, Mary Wilson, Tanna Richardson, Micah Parkins, Heather Parker, Natalie Leathers, Sarah Powers, Eden Bruesch, Emilee Bell, Mari Moon, Conner Owens, Cameron Snow, Gavin Carriger, Luke Cowett, (row 3) Luke Tabor, Alley Broomfield, Sean Moon, Ethan Schoeni, Jake Duncan, James Ranallo, Cady Myers, Jeffrey Ruff, Jakus Hatcher, Kane Miller, Benjamin Janoe, Tristan Standridge, Aaron Bridges, Sammy Loftis, Hunter Henry, (back row) Ryan Sorrells, Dravin Walker, Dalton Wolfe, Austin Sorrells, Mahaley Cole, Morgan Clark, Ashlynn Lacey, Laramie Masters, Madison Roe, Trenton Ayers, Ethan Sparks, Reece Crowsey, Devin McClain, Trevor Ludlow, Garrett Crouch and A. J. Craft.

Antlers 7th grade girls look at the Rockwell Ranger 2000 at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum.

Antlers GEAR UP students look inside the Grumman F14 Tomcat at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum.

Antlers students learn about the model of a cloth covered airplane wing at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum.

Antlers 7th grade girls launch space shuttle model at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum.

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