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In many ways, going to college is much like moving into a new community. You’ll also want to know that your community is secure and safe. What are the crime statistics? Can you walk alone at night without fear? Who is there to help you? Many parents, as well as students and employees, are concerned about the safety of the college campus. Eastern Oklahoma State College strives at all times to create an environment as free as possible from any threats to safety or well-being.

Crime is a national problem. Fortunately, Eastern Oklahoma State College has not experienced a significant number of sexual assaults, assaults, burglary, and acts of criminal trespass. To help prevent such incidents, a competent residence life staff, a professionally trained Public Safety Police force, and the students and employees are responsible for a number of measures to ensure that they and their possessions are protected as completely as possible.

Eastern Campus Police Department

Choctaw Hall 124
Office: 918.465.1718
Cell: 918-448-2365

(In case of emergency dial 911)


Chief of Police:
Bryan Denny        


Tim Talley
Alton Jones
Nick Wallace
Wesley Bell
Stephen Brinlee

The College employs many people to keep the campus safe and secure. The departments of Public Safety, Physical Plant, Dean of Students, and Residence Life are responsible for security and safety policies governing the campus, including residence halls, apartments, and campus buildings as well as teaching about security and crime prevention.

EOSC offers safety and security education and awareness programs throughout the year. Information on college crime, safety policies and procedures, and drug and alcohol issues is distributed to the College community through flyers, bulletins, crime alerts, posters, brochures, the student news media, and employee newsletters. Programs include sexual assault awareness, alcohol abuse, personal safety, vehicle safety, fire safety, and preventing crime on campus.


Potential criminal actions and other emergencies on campus may be reported directly by any student, faculty member, or employee by dialing 911.

Emergency (911) direct-line phones are strategically located throughout the main campus grounds.

The following links provide additional information about safety at Eastern and in the community. 

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