Financial Aid
& Scholarships

Applying for Scholarships

Eastern has a variety of scholarships available for academic, leadership and athletic success. Plus, there's only one general scholarship application for all students. That means you'll be considered for all scholarships (Institutional, Foundation, Departmental, etc.) based on different factors such as academic merit, financial need and area of study.

To learn more about the types of scholarships available, visit the Institutional Scholarships and Development Foundation Scholarships webpages.

Scholarship Application Deadline

All scholarship applications should be submitted to the Scholarship Office no later than February 21 every year. Scholarship applications will be accepted and reviewed for all new and returning students.

Scholarship Application Process

Students may apply using Eastern's online scholarship application. The user-friendly system automatically matches students to recommended scholarships based on a questionnaire. Students will need to create an AwardSpring account in order to apply online for scholarships. A paper scholarship application is also available (pdf). 

Important Application Information

Completed applications are due by Feb. 21. Sections left “in progress” may be completed at a later date prior to the deadline. All other progress will be saved.

Application for admission to Eastern and submission of the FAFSA application are required prior to this scholarship application.

You will be required to upload your latest unofficial college or high school transcript that should include your class rank (_ out of _). You will also need to upload your resume and an essay on why you would like to attend Eastern and how you will benefit from a scholarship, or there are fields available to type your answers.

Applications will not be considered 'Complete' until these supporting documents have been submitted. Students with incomplete applications will not be considered for scholarships.

When filling out this application, you will be prompted to send email requests for letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation are optional, however you are encouraged to have at least one person refer you for a scholarship. Please ensure the person you are contacting is aware of this request; their recommendation is also due by the Feb. 21 deadline.

Other supporting documentation you will have the option of uploading:

  • Official ACT or SAT scores (incoming freshmen, first-time students and transfer students only)
  • Your Student Aid Report (SAR) which you received after completing your FAFSA application 
Upon completion of the online application, the scholarships you are eligible for are listed immediately. Once awarded, the status of the scholarship will change from “applied” to “awarded.” The recipient will also be notified by regular mail.

Need help with your application? Review this Step-by-Step Application Instruction Sheet (pdf)


Gail Wilson
Scholarship Coordinator
Phone: 918.465.1768