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2014 Forage-Based Meat Goat Buck Test Results

Weights, FAMACHA© scores, and fecal egg counts will be taken on a regular basis throughout the test period. Click the links below to view/save/print each test report:

7/8/14 Test Report (pdf)

7/18/14 Test Report* (pdf)

8/1/14 Test Report (pdf)

8/15/14 Test Report (pdf)

8/25/14 Test Report (pdf)

9/12/14 Test Report (pdf)

ADG Final Test Report (pdf)

FEC Final Test Report (pdf)

LEA Final Test Report (pdf)

*This summer is a good test for parasites to thrive with high temperatures and moisture. This means we expect some goats will need to be treated again for a deworming. You will notice some animals have a NS on the fecal egg count (FEC). This time frame is difficult to get a sample as every year some animals get the scours and we just can’t get a good sample within that first 28 days. We relate it to our recommendation that weaning calves for 45 days on the farm helps the animal get over this transition period. In the cases of a NS we place an emphasis on the eye score to determine if treatment is needed to deworm. In each of those cases there were three or less which means this next weight date we hopefully will get a sample on those that had scours and determine if they need to be dewormed. We don’t automatically deworm on the Famacha score without confirmation of the FEC being above 2000.

Overall the goats are doing well and the weight losses you see have been typical each year for this transition period each year but they should start to rebound and start gaining.