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Forage-Based Meat Goat Buck Test

Eastern Oklahoma State College, in partnership with Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, is home to the Oklahoma Forage-Basked Meat Goat Buck Test. Goat producers seeing ways to better manage their operations in ever more challenging production conditions can enroll their genetics in the popular test.

Test Results

Weights, FAMACHA© scores, and fecal egg counts will be taken on a scheduled basis once the test period begins. Results will be posted after test results are logged.

Test Results 07/05/16 (pdf)

Test Results 07/18/16 (pdf)
Brian Freking: Attached is the information on the goats during this rough transition period. In my experience this has been the trend each year where some animals adapt very quickly to a new environment and others need about 28 days. It seems to me that weather has put stress on this group for pneumonia with Extreme Heat Indexes and periods of pop up showers. The fecal counts are going pretty much as one might expect and this test should separate those animals that can rise to the top. Currently 15 out of 48 head are losing weight but I would bet by the next weigh date we will see some of those goats rebound pretty quickly as they adapt to feed, water,environment, etc..
Overall the goats have plenty of food resources and the majority look very good. This week is supposed to be very hot so I would expect parasites loads would be minimal. The coccidia counts were quite reduced at this check point so the corrid in the water and hopefully the Rumensin in the feed has done its job.

Test Results 08/01/2016 (pdf)

Test Results 08/15/2016 (pdf)

Test Results 09/02/2016 (pdf)

Test Results 09/12/2016 (pdf)

Final Test Results 2016 (pdf)


To identify individual bucks as well as their sires and dams that carry genetics expressing economically important traits in commercial meat goat production. Additionally, this test will allow breeders to compare genetics within their herd to make better management decisions as to herd lines that will produce profitable progeny for future herds. This test will also provide valuable information for all goat producers and the public.


Check-in: Friday, June 24, 2016 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Warm-up: June 24 - July 5, 2016 
Test Period: July 5, 2016 - September 30, 2016 
Field Day and Awards: September 30, 2016


An entry fee of $25 per buck will be required to secure a position within the test. A final fee of $100 per buck will be required at check in. The $125 entry fee will cover feed supplementation, medication, wormer, routine veterinarian services and other test costs. Checks should be made payable to Eastern Oklahoma State College.

Enrollment Limits

The 2016 test is limited to 52 head of total goats from all producers with a maximum of four head enrolled from any one ranch or producer. The test is now full and no additional applications will be accepted for this year.

Check-In Procedures

Upon check-in, producers must provide the following sire and dam information for each entrant to the best of their capacity:

  • Sire Name/Number
  • Sire Registration Number (if registered)
  • Sire Birthdate
  • Dam Name/Number
  • Dam Registration Number (if registered)
  • Dam Birthdate
  • WW Ratio

Additional Information

Entry Requirements, Test Protocol, Results and Educational Information

Staff and Contact Information

Technical Advisory Committee
Test Agronomist- Chris Rice, OCES Southeast District Agronomist
Test Nutritionist- Brian Freking, OCES Southeast District Livestock Specialist

Test Staff
Test Veterinarian - Dr. Dustin Hulsey, 918.471.8767
Test Manager - Barney Howard, 918.448.2191
Test Extension Educator - Tony Johnson, 918.465.3349