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Mountaineer Card

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With your Mountaineer Card, you have your money at your fingertips. You'll need it for:
  • Financial aid refunds from Eastern
  • Meal plan purchases
  • Your EOSC student ID

Get Your Mountaineer Card

You'll need your driver's license and student ID number to get your Mountaineer Card at the following locations:

Wilburton - Business Office, First Floor of the Library/Administration Building
McAlester - Front Desk in Lobby
Idabel - Room 201B

How It Works

Eastern has partnered with Herring Bank to provide the new Mountaineer Card. Students who qualify for financial aid will receive their financial aid disbursements and all other refunds through their Mountaineer Card, which works like a Debit/ATM card.

Mountaineer Card Deposits

Student financial aid disbursements and all other refunds will be direct deposited to your Mountaineer Card account unless otherwise instructed by the student. To sign up for your refund to be deposited to a bank account other than your Mountaineer Card, go to WebAdvisor, click on Designate Direct Deposit and follow the instructions. Students who choose to use their personal bank account will still need to get a Mountaineer Card (without the banking capabilities) as a Student ID.

Students and parents can deposit money online with a transfer from an existing bank or credit union account. Visit www.MountaineerCard.net to learn more. Cash deposits can also be made directly to your account using Western Union's "Direct to Bank" Service. Call 866.348.3435 for your routing and account numbers. Fees vary based on amount deposited.

Mountaineer Card Purchases

Purchases can be made anywhere MasterCard is accepted. You can receive cash back with no surcharge during a point-of-sale transaction with a PIN purchase. This is allowed at most locations, such as grocery stores, convenience stores, etc.

ATM Withdrawal

Students using their Mountaineer Card will have access to on-campus ATM machines in Wilburton and Idabel with no user fees. Students in McAlester can use the ATM located at the CVS Pharmacy near campus with no fees.

Fee-Free ATM Locations

First Floor Student Center (near Post Office)

CVS Pharmacy (24-Hour Store)
21 South Strong Blvd

Lobby of Southeastern's McCurtain County Campus

ATM withdrawals can also be made at Allpoint Network ATMs for a fee of $1.50. Visit www.AllpointNetwork.com for a list of locations in your area.

Online Banking Options

Visit www.MountaineerCard.net for Internet banking options, such as viewing your balance, reviewing transactions and ordering checks. To enroll, call 866.335.4318.

Replacement Cards

If your card is lost or stolen, report it immediately to the Business Office at 918.465.1831. Replacement cards are $15.00 per card and can be replaced at your local EOSC campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Mountaineer Card secure?
Yes, MasterCard offers zero liability against lost or stolen cards and fraudulent transactions. Never give anyone your card number, expiration date, security number or PIN number unless you are making a purchase.

How do I activate my Mountaineer Card?
First, you need to activate your card by performing a balance inquiry using the PIN number you chose when you signed up for your Mountaineer Card. We recommend using one of the fee-free ATM locations listed above.

How do I put more money on my Mountaineer Card?
Making a deposit to your account is easy using one of the following:
Who do I call if I have any questions about my Mountaineer Card?
Call Herring Bank at 866.348.3435 and have your card or account number ready for verification.

How can I view my balance, review transactions or order checks?

Use Herring Bank's Online Banking services. To enroll, call 866.335.4318.