Alumni & Friends

Homecoming Award Recipients

Alumni Association Hall of Fame

Leland Walker, 2016
Agriculture Educator

Bill White, 2015
Emergency Management, Oklahoma Corporation Commission

Edward Stokes, 2014
Project Manager, ConocoPhillips

Dr. Delana Taylor McNac, 2013
Veterinarian/Founder, Pet Peace of Mind/Minister

Stanley Funderburg, 2012

E. Gerald Cound, 2011
Executive Director, Village Commons/Founder and Owner, Crossroads Green

Evelyn Jo Whisenhunt Guthery, 2010
Boeing Engineer/Space Shuttle Mission Manager

Sam L. Sibert, 2009
NBA Athlete/Corporate CEO

Col. William H. “Bill” Lewark, 2008
Retired Air Force/Civic Leader

Dr. Bill S. Cole, 2007
Retired President, Eastern Central University/Civic Leader

Don R. Adkins, 2006
National Figure for Boy Scouts of America/Civic Leader

Tom Colbert, 2005
Attorney/Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice

Ray Henson, 2004
Educator/Administrator/Civic Leader

John H. Hendrix, 2003
President and Chairman of Educational and Financial Boards

Charles W. Davidson, 2003
Civic Leader/Construction and Property Management

Dr. Sue Ellen Read, 2002
Educator/Administrator/Mental Health Professional

Ken Brasfield, 2001
Corporate and Community Leader

Guy L. Curry, 2000

James F. Howell, 1999
Attorney/Judge/State Senator/Civic Leader

Dr. R. Henry Migliore, 1998

Dr. Charles A. Montgomery, 1997
Comparative Pathology/Veterinarian/Consultant

Dr. Robert H. Purcell, 1996
Research Scientist, National Institute of Health

Dr. Don Parham, 1995
Educator/Athletic Director/Civic Leader

Harold Lee “Spec” Gammon, 1994
Sports Journalist

Frank W. “Pat” Murphy, 1993
Founder of Frank W. Murphy MFG

Ross Harlan, 1992
Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col./Retire Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. Senior Vice President

Sidney M. Carney, 1991
Educator, Accountant, Retired as Four-State Area Director, Bureau of Indian Affairs

Dr. Billy A. West, 1990
Research Scientist, National Center for Disease Control

Dr. Rita Smith Kipp, 1989
Author and Professor of Anthropology, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, The University of the South

J.D. Williams, 1989

George Nigh, 1988
Oklahoma Governor/Former President, University of Central Oklahoma

Dr. E.T. Dunlap, 1988
Former Chancellor of Oklahoma Higher Education/Former President, Eastern Oklahoma A&M

Scott Salmon, 1988
Nationally Recognized Choreographer

Outstanding Young Alumnus

Dr. Dustin Hulsey, 2016
Stephen Brinlee, 2015
Justin Few, 2014
Bradley Boles, 2013
Richard Henderson, 2012

Distinguished Former Faculty Member

Estella Bennett-Mask, 2016
Byron Bohanon, 2015
Don McClain, 2014
Bill Miller, 2013
Minnie Walker, 2012

Heritage Award

Angel Flight, 2016
E.T. Dunlap, 2015
Fellowship of Christian Athletes, 2014
The Forwoodson Family, 2013
R. B. Mitchell, 2012