• Getting Started Right

(New Student Guide) A step-by-step guide to aid in the admission process and procedures.
Also includes information concerning Veterans, Transfer Students and testing info.
:: Getting Started Right
  • Concurrent Student Admission

Get a jump on college credits while still in high school.
:: Concurrent Student Admission
  • International Student Admission

Instructions and application for International Students.
:: International Student Admission
  • Enrollment Procedures

Follow the enrollment procedures for a quick and fast enrollment.
No Lines - No Fuss!
:: Enrollment Procedures
  • Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides academic, career and personal counseling to students and prospective students.
:: Counseling Center

Please contact the Admissions Office if you have any questions or you need more information.


Registrar's Office
Library 108

Jennifer Labor
Registrar/International Student Affairs Coordinator
Phone: 918.465.1828
Fax: 918.465.4435

Tiffany Dickson
Assistant Registrar/VA Coordinator
Phone: 918.465.1814
Fax: 918.465.4431

Dana Lewis
Admin. Assistant to the Registrar
Phone: 918.465.1813
Fax: 918.465.4491