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The links below contain Blackboard instructional pages and videos to assist faculty in course design and delivery, as well as helping students understand instructions.

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Blackboard Browser Support

Supported Browsers - Blackboard Instructions

Designing Tools and Features in Blackboard

Creating a Grade Center Column and Entering Grades Manually - Video Tutorial
NOTE: If *NOT* using an assignment, discussion board, or other activity or assessment tool in Blackboard, in other words you want to enter a column into which you manually enter a grade refer to this instructional video.

Course Environment - Video Tutorial

Global Navigation and My Blackboard - Video Tutorial

Making Your Course Available - Video Tutorial

Design Your Course Entry Point - Video Tutorial

Using the Content Editor - Video Tutorial

Editing Your Course Home Page - Video Tutorial

Add Content to a Learning Module - Video Tutorial 

Adding an Avatar - Video Tutorial

My Blackboard Profiles - Video Tutorial

Course to Course Navigation - Video Tutorial

Creating a Blank Page on the Course Menu - Video Tutorial

Creating a Tool Link (Course Menu and Content Areas) - Video Tutorial

Turn Tool Availability Off and On - Video Tutorial

Creating Lesson Plans - Video Tutorial

Adding partner Content and Add textbook information - Video Tutorial 

Adding a Glossary Term - Video Tutorial

Customizing My Institution Page - Video Tutorial  

Student Preview (Not Available until Next Upgrade) - Video Tutorial

Use SafeAssign in Assignments - Video Tutorial 

Grading Student Activities

Assignments - Blackboard Instructions and Video Tutorial
Discussion - Blackboard Instructions

Blogs - Blackboard Instructions 

Journals - Blackboard Instructions

Wikis - Blackboard Instructions
Other Grading - Blackboard Instructions

Data, Reporting and Reuse in Blackboard

Retention Center - Video Tutorial

Using Date Management (Automatically Adjust Dates in a Copied Course) - Video Tutorial

Statistics Tracking for Content Items - Video Tutorial

Align Goals to Content - Video Tutorial

Goals Reports - Video Tutorial

Item Analysis - Video Tutorial

All Blackboard Instructional Videos

All Blackboard Instructional Videos - Video Tutorial Playlist